Ara continued to search for her brother and also find a way to free Eun from the ancient hairpin. Always striving to follow the right path, she found out that the seal was made using her family’s age-old art of exorcism. Unfortunately, the rest of her family was annihilated by the demons before she could master the art herself.
Relentless, Ara kept going until she met the alchemist Echo, who became curious about the ancient fox spirit now sharing control of her body. During the alchemist’s experiments, Ara learned about a device that can project Eun’s memories. This allowed her to see the exact moment when Eun was captured in the hairpin. From this vision, she learned the secret exorcism technique that her ancestors performed to create the seal and how she might break it. Ara succeeded in raising Eun’s supernatural powers from the hairpin and obtained the ancient fox’s swift movement. By her newly acquired skills, she became widely known as the Little Specter.

Exorcism Arts: Unlock a Secret Skill
Little Specter is dedicated to learning her ancestors’ Exorcism Arts. You can use these 3 skills in succession after the specified basic combo in order to unlock the Secret Skill.

Specter Restraints
Using a specter’s hand, drag enemies towards
you and deliver an ethereal slash.

Throw the spear and launch shadow
spirits that form an entangling force.


Darkness Sever
Get into a stance then rush forward,
slicing through all enemies in your way.

Secret Exorcism Art:
Night Parade of One-Hundred Souls

Jump and disappear, and then quickly reappear above the enemy last struck by
Darkness Sever. Come crashing down on them and set off a storm of specters.

How to Activate


  • Start with one of these combos:

  • OR

  • Specter Restraints
  • Cancel before skill ends with Shadoweave
  • Cancel before skill ends with Darkness Sever

  • Start with one of these combos:

  • OR

  • Specter Restraints
  • Press Specter Restraints again mid-skill to trigger Shadoweave automatically
  • Press Specter Restraints again mid-skill to trigger Darkness Sever automatically



Special Event

December 17 – 22, 2014
You get a chance to boost one Ara character at base job up to Level 35! While in the village or at a resting area, wait for the pop-up and click the Level Boost button. That’s it! Once you’ve successfully used this level boost, you will also receive the exclusive Level Boost Cube containing an enhanced weapon, armor set, and more! Check out the rest of the event details here!

Now Available
Class Change Tickets
Become the Little Specter without starting over!
Use the Little Specter Class Change Ticket when
shifting from Little Devil or Little Hsien.
Only 1,990 K-Ching per ticket

1st Job Change Item:
Little Specter’s Seal

Skip the 1st Job Change quests and transform your
base class Ara into Little Specter right away!
Only 200 K-Ching