Intelligent, Destructive Machines at Your Command

Mastery is imminent for the mad genius. As his enemies get stronger and stronger, Add is driven to make his Dynamos more like adroit Nasods that will behave according to his every wish. After searching the Altera Core and Feita, he finds just the instrument he needs to expand and fully control his weaponry. He continues to get better and better in battle, optimizing his Dynamos beyond limits with new and more advanced installations. Show off Add’s mind power with his finest inventive work yet!
Dynamo Factory Expansion
Add’s Mastermind technology allows him to summon and control more advanced fighting drones with ease. Among other abilities he acquires, Additional Dynamo Configuration skills bring more ammo and delayed explosions, while the Install special active skills now include relentless targeted damage, intercepting tactics, and onslaughts of rapid plasma beams.

Requirement: Lv.65, Hyper Skill Quest
Bring a spectacular combination of attacks to those who dare cross your path using a cutting-edge battle drone. Featuring plasma missile, neutron shot, shock cannon, and more!


Special Active   Active
Install – Pulse Gatling   Dynamo Configuration
– Fission Shot
Install – Ultimate Fury   Dynamo Configuration
– Flick Disk
Install – Starfall   Dynamo Configuration
– Delayed Explosion
Install – Shooting Chaser
(Cash Skill)

2nd Job Change Item

Power of Mind
Skip over the 2nd Job Change
quests and become a
Mastermind today
Only 400 K-Ching

Also Available
Mastermind Class Change Ticket

A Lunatic Psyker can switch to
Mastermind instantly with this item.
Only 2800 K-Ching


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