Name: Lu
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Weapon: Claw
Traits: Takes pride in authority,
wears her heart on her sleeve
Specialty: Intense demonic
Name: Ciel
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human turned Half-Demon
Weapon: Gunblade
Traits: Cool, serious, quirky
Specialty: Rapid slashes and gunfire
  • When in the village and resting area, you can switch between Lu and Ciel by clicking on the emblem in the character information window or left-clicking the character.

  • In a dungeon or field, switching can be done only thru the use of certain commands and skills.
Combination Points

This third source of power for Luciel is used exclusively for
combination skills. The gauge fills up when you use switching
skills, up to a maximum of 10 points.

MP Recovery

The MP bar for the inactive character shows under the active
character's MP bar. The inactive character recovers 6 MP per
second (3 MP/sec. in PVP).
Additional Info
  • Lu and Ciel's weapon and armor equipment items are shared, but their costumes and accessories are not.
  • Stat effects of equipment vary depending on which character is activated.
  • When opening cubes or boxes, the item acquired will be for the active character. Contents may differ depending on the character.
  • In the wedding system, only one of the characters can be married. Lu marries any other male character, or Ciel marries any other female character.