When Laby saw the monster at the port, she felt strange. She felt empty, and that feeling of emptiness was impacting her ability to fight. Maybe she wasn’t ready to help others out yet? Coupled with Nisha’s strange behavior, the emotion washing over her caused Laby to struggle.

When Laby embraced Nisha, she realizes that this strange feeling of emptiness had been emanating from Nisha all along. Instead of shying away from the feeling, Laby embraced Nisha tightly, and whispered

“It’s alright, Nisha. Laby is here. Laby is by your side.”

Nisha calmed down and began to shine brightly, as if responding to Laby’s words. Laby thinks that Nisha’s reaction, and the culmination of the mistakes she’s made, may be because they weren’t truly relying on each other. Laby decided to open up and share everything with Nisha, whether it’s good or bad. Although she’s still a bit clumsy, Laby believes she can do anything as long as she’s together with Nisha. She accepts Bellonde’s offer to train her and decides to move forward, with Nisha.

Soon she decided to use her own strength to learn more techniques and to become stronger. With this, she doesn’t have to rely on Nisha for power but she doesn’t have to drive her friend away either.
Laby opens her eyes in an unfamiliar place. When she finds herself in danger, chased by soldiers who finds her suspicious, a stranger lends a helping hand.

Just like her teacher, Laby realizes there are those who’ll actively try to help others. Laby ponders why she was so happy to receive their assistance. It was then that Laby realized that she’s always been waiting for someone to reach out to her… ever since the Black Forest.

“Laby doesn’t need any reason to help others!”

“Laby just wants everyone to be happy!”

“So, Laby will help you as much as Laby can!”

As Laby’s selfless decision to help others comes to stand, just like her teacher Bellonde, and her friend Mao, Nisha goes through another transformation.
Laby has been troubled ever since she’d realized the truth about Nisha. Laby promised that she would never forsake the bond with Nisha anymore. But, what will happen if she truly accepts Nisha? Even though they may have started as one, Nisha and Laby were now two separate entities. Laby was worried that when ‘Laby’ and ‘Nisha’ become one, that person will become something – someone… not ‘Laby’, not ‘Nisha’, but someone completely different.

Laby finally decides... If she still understands Nisha, and Nisha understands Laby, then maybe they don’t need to become one. Nisha can still be Nisha, Laby can be Laby, and they can be together forever.

Nisha transforms, to share emotion with Laby. They will stay together, forever… Until the day all light fades to nothing.