The young swordsman has grown adept at the dual sword technique.
He is faced with a new test that promises a great improvement on his abilities.
The Sheath Knight inevitably grows into a master of countless swords.



Throughout his ordeals all over the continent as the Sheath Knight, Elsword observes how the scabbard Conwell takes in the dark El energy from the infected monsters he faces. This troubles him and leads him to consult the spirit of Conwell on how to stop the contamination—Conwell must absorb the dark El energy at first and then transfer it to Elsword.
The spirit counsels Elsword that this remedy will stir the gloom in his heart, unless he conquers it with might. The red-haired boy’s confidence is unfazed by the challenge before him, and he lets Conwell do what must be done. In time, the dark El energy changes them both in ability, empowering Elsword—now known as the Infinity Sword—to multiply the scabbard and call on an unlimited number of swords.



Once Elsword transcends from Sheath Knight into Infinity Sword,
these new skills will be added to his skill tree.

Sword Blasting
This is a special active skill where Elsword stabs forward at his target and launches 3 Conwell swords from behind him.
Lightning Surge
This passive skill lends a percentage boost to Elsword’s movement speed and damage buff that stacks.
Rage Cutter
With this special active skill, Elsword drives a sword downwards, causing multiple Conwell swords to shoot up from the ground and deal damage to targets in the way.
Fighting Spirit
This passive skill works in tandem with the Cruel Slayer skill. After Cruel Slayer takes MP away from the target, Fighting Spirit grants a great boost to critical hit rate for Elsword’s succeeding attacks and reduces the MP cost for an ensuing active skill.
Mirage Sting
In this active skill, Elsword charges forward with a sword, summons 3 Conwell swords to soar in the same direction, and deals a backslash.



Want to try Infinity Sword without starting over? You can get your advanced Elsword to switch
to a job in a different path using a Class Change Ticket, available for a limited time only!