Henir's Time and Space is challenging, but it rewards vicious players well. Getting the toughest equipment in Elsword is not about how rare the boss drop is, but more about your skills and determination in becoming the strongest. The most formidable equipment sets in Elsword Online can only be earned by completing Henir's Time and Space.

  • Start by collecting the crafting material items that you receive from completing Henir's Time and Space.

  • Piece of Time and Space

  • Higher level sets will require you to craft Ruined Time and Space Crystals using Pieces of Time and Space.

  • Ruined Time and Space Crystal

  • Complete as many stages as you can to receive more crafting materials.
  • Craft the equipment that is suited to your level range at first, then upgrade as you progress and become stronger!
  • Speak to NPC Glave in town and view his Craft and Exchange lists. Be sure to keep checking the craft requirements so you will be well prepared.