• Fertilizers will increase the base harvest by 30%
    (however, it can only be used on the players’ own crops)

  • Watering your Guildmates’ crops will also increase their yield by 20%! PLUS, you’ll get 10% of that crop’s yield in your in-game mail.

Crops cannot be traded but can be placed in the guild storage and shared with other guild members.

Elder Wheat x1Desert Sweet
Potato x1
Crispy Croquette

Well Apple x1Elder Wheat x1Special Velder Pie

Snow Fruit x1Peek-a-Boo
Onion x1
Elder WheatSnow Pasta


Players without a guild will not be able to access a farm nor will they receive any quest related to farming.
Once they join a guild, they will automatically receive these quests:

[Guild] Life of a Farmer (1) Talk with Myu Elder Wheat Seed x 1
[Guild] Life of a Farmer (2) Plant Seed once Guild Coin x 1
[Guild] Life of a Farmer (3) Water Guild Member’s Farm once
Fertilize Farm once
Guild Coin x 1
[Guild] Life of a Farmer (4) Harvest Crop once Guild Coin x 1
[Guild] Life of a Farmer (5) Cook Food once Star Stew x 20

*Accepting farming quests and leaving the guild will render the player unable to complete until a guild has been joined again.