All Guild Skills have been revamped.
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Skill Name Changed Effect
Unleash Anger Increase Awakening (DP) gain upon attack/attacked
Awakened Spirit Increase Awakening Duration (Decrease DP cost)
Comrade's Cheer Increase EXP gained
Alchemy Specialist Increase effect of recovery items
Concentrated Mana Increase MP Gain (Attack/Attacked)
Nature Immersion Increase all attribute activation chance and increase attribute resistance
Hand of Midas Increase ED Gain
Trace of Treasure Increase Item Drop Rate
Frugal Spirit Have a set chance to trigger consumable item’s effects but not consume the actual item
Light Steps Increase movement and jump speed upon gaining ED
Critical Counter While attacking or being attacked, have a chance to receive a critical buff
Blessed Recovery Recover HP when attacked (Up to 30% of Max HP)
Powerful Physique Increase Physical and Magical Attack Power
Hunter's Instinct Increase damage against boss monsters while decrease damage from boss monsters.
Hero's Sacrifice Replenishes HP of nearby allies upon death.
Risk Management Decrease received damage at a certain chance

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Other Changes

  1. The Flute of Amnesia takes effect per page.
  2. Previously used Guild Skill Points will be reset and returned.
  3. A message is added when Guild Skill Page is expanded.