Elsword is a free to play game that gives you the option to power up and customize your character through purchasable items. Just load up K-Ching (item mall currency) and buy various cash items from the item mall. Costumes can give a boost to your stats to further customize your character’s play style. You can unlock additional features by purchasing functional items like extra resurrection stones and skill slots to improve your dungeon survivability.


Browsing the Item Mall
1. Click the Item Mall button to view the cash items.


Notice that cash items are assorted in categories and sub-categories.

2. You can try an item on before purchasing it. Right-click the item icon and see the effect on your character.
3. You can add the item to your wish list if you plan to purchase them in the future.

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Loading Up K-Ching

1. You can load up on K-Ching by clicking the Add Cash button.


This will open an internal web browser and redirect you to the Load Up K-Ching page.

2. K-Ching will be added to your account once the Load Up transaction is completed.


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Purchasing an Item
1. You may choose to Buy an item for yourself or Gift it to another player.



2. For most items, you have the choice between time limited or permanent versions. Select your preference and complete the purchase.

3. Purchased items will be put into the Characters Cash Item Storage box. This storage is shared by all characters in the account. You can send the items to your character from this box once you’re ready.


Note: The time limit will be activated once you send the item from the Characters Cash Item Storage to your individual character’s inventory. You can also select a permanent stat bonus for costumes and accessories when the option is available.

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