We are gamers ourselves and understand the amount of time and effort that goes into a character. We know you would get the worst feeling when you log into your account and realize that your legendary epic rare +1000 item is no longer there. The Security Pin System is another layer of protection to help players guard their accounts.

Setting Your Pin Code

1. Log on to the game. In the character select section, click the ‘Security Pin’ button to set your pin.

2. You will need to set 3 new secret question answers if this is your first time setting the security pin! You are required to answer these questions if you forget your pin code, so be sure to remember the answers.


3. Once you have set your answers to the secret questions, click ‘Security Pin’ again. The code pad should pop up. Enter the secret pin code for your account and confirm. (4 ~ 6 numbers)

4. Your account will now require you to enter the security pin every time you enter the Character List.


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Bonus Reward

If you set up and retain a security pin code on your account, you will receive a Stewardship Coin every day at 3 AM server time. No need to log on at this exact time; the coin will go to the first character that is signed in within 24 hours. You can collect these coins to exchange for rewards through Stella in Bethma Village. Be sure to check your in-game mailbox every day and claim the coins, otherwise, these will not accumulate.




Stewardship Coin
This coin is delivered to the first character with which you logged-in for the day, starting at 3 AM (PDT/PST). Given exclusively to player accounts with activated Security PINs. Can be stored in shared bank, impossible to trade and sell.


Stewardship Coins
# Required
Choose one item from the corresponding selection.
1 3x Organic Apple
3x Magic Stone
3x Vigor Potion
2x El Tree Seed
1x Resurrection Stone Cube (3ea)
3 3x El Shard (Mystery)
1x Stamina Potion
2x [Cobo] El Tree Fruit
3x Advanced Magic Stone
5 5x Fire Orbs
5x Water Orbs
5x Nature Orbs
5x Wind Orbs
5x Light Orbs
5x Dark Orbs
10 2x [Cobo] Blessed Ventus’ Wing (Elixir)
2x [Cobo] Blessed Denif’s Ice Orb (Elixir)
2x [Cobo] Blessed Rosso’s Blazing Ring (Elixir)
2x [Cobo] Blessed Blazing Bomb (Elixir)
2x [Cobo] Blessed Giant Potion (Elixir)
2x [Cobo] Blessed Giant Hand Potion (Elixir)
2x [Cobo] Blessed Tracker’s Soul (Elixir)
2x [Cobo] Blessed Baby Fairy’s Cradle (Elixir)
20 5x Secret Dungeon Entry Permit
3x Heroic Invitation



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Changing Your Pin Code

1. Go back to the character select screen and then click ‘Security Pin.’

2. Click ‘Change’

3. Enter your current pin code, then enter your new one and confirm it.

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Removing Security Pin

1. Go back to the character select screen and then click ‘Security Pin.’

2. Click ‘Terminate’

3. Enter your current pin code and confirm that you will be disabling it.

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Forgot your pin code?

You can choose to reset or remove Security Pin from your account.

1. Go to your account page ( and click Edit profile.

2. You can remove or unlock the security pin by answering the 3 secret questions you created.