Welcome to the Elsword Online New User Guide. This tutorial will briefly walk you through the Elsword Online game’s mechanics and features. Elsword is a unique MMORPG that features real time action. The monsters and villains of Elrios will have much to fear once you’re done with this guide!

Your First Character
Once you have logged into the Elsword Online client, you will find yourself at the channel select screen. Choose either Channel 1 or 2 to receive the experience point boost for your level range. Next, you are moved to the character selection screen and it’s time to get creative.
1. Select the character you would like to play.  
2. Create a Nickname for your new character. It should be made up of 2 – 12 letters and/or numerals.  
3. Prepare to have fun beating up some baddies!

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After successfully creating a character, you will then proceed to Tutorial mode. You will be introduced to the storyline of your character and the basic controls of the game. Try beating up that first monster!  

Once you have cleared the area, keep walking to reach the portal. You will then be teleported to Ruben Village, where you will meet Lowe and Chief Hagus. The chief has a quest for you. To review the details, click the Quest button at the lower right corner. 

Now you need to head out to the field! Keep walking to the far right of the village. The portal will transfer you to the field called Lake Noahs.

The next step in your quest is to defeat Tobu, a member of Banthus Bandits. Once he is defeated, press the Quick Clear button that will appear on your quest log on the right side of the screen and click OK to receive your rewards.


It’s time for your first dungeon quest!
1. Click the Dungeon icon. See that Tree of El is the selected dungeon. Click ‘Start Dungeon’ then the OK button.  
2. Complete the dungeon to gain experience points and dungeon rewards.  
3. Once you’ve completed the quest requirements and moved out of the dungeon, press Quick Clear and collect the quest rewards.  
4. Continue your adventure by exploring the fields, completing quests, and chatting with NPCs. Let the story of Elsword Online unfold!

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Dungeon Instances
From the Dungeon selection interface, you can choose the dungeon and level of difficulty. Choose ‘Start Dungeon (F8)’ and the system will find other players you can join. If you are already in a party or just want to play on your own, choose ‘Start with current members’.

1. The bigger the party size, the less stamina is consumed per dungeon. In addition, there will be a bigger experience point’s bonus for larger parties.
2. Every dungeon will have 3 difficulty modes (Normal, Hard, Very Hard). More Stamina is consumed for higher difficulties, but the experience points will be higher.

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Chat Box & Inventory
Players can communicate with each other by using the chat box. This box has a filtering feature which makes it easier for you to chat with your guild mates and friends, or to exchange private messages with someone. (Type /h for a list of commands)
Various items received are placed in the character’s inventory space and sorted accordingly. Note that a player can equip different gear while they are in the dungeon.
At the bottom of the Inventory window, you will see the balances for ED and AP.
ED (Currency)
ED is Elsword’s online currency and is used for purchasing items and trading.
AP (Arena Points)
Arena points can be acquired from winning Arena (PVP) matches.

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Character’s Interface

The game user interface is simplified and easy to understand. A player can identify any user interface’s objects by moving the mouse cursor over it.

Health points; Represented by the red bar on the User Interface
Mana points; Represented by the blue bar on the User Interface
Awakening Status
The awakening status is the vertical green bar to the left of the HP and MP bars. This bar will fill up as the player uses basic combos and active skills in dungeons. A pink awakening bead will be provided to the player when the awakening status bar fills completely; a player can accumulate a maximum of 3 awakening beads. A character’s attack power and skills will become a lot stronger when they are in awakening status. (The default control to activate awakening is the left Ctrl key.)


Resurrection Stones
The number of resurrection stones is the amount of life the player carries. It can be used when the player dies in a dungeon.


Skill Slots
Players are allowed to set Skills to the first 4 Skill Slots (Default controls: A, S, D, and C keys). Think carefully which skills you want to take with you when you go into a dungeon or engage in PVP, these can make or break your entire strategy. You may later choose to activate Skill Set B to be able to assign skills to the additional 4 Skill Slots (Default controls depend on the Skill Slot UI type selected: Under Type A, you can switch to the additional slots for A, S, D, and C keys by pressing the space bar; Under Type B, default controls are the Q, W, E, and R keys).


The map interface helps players to locate their fellow party members and to check the current status of the stage, including the number of monsters left.


This feature is only applied when the players are in a party. The gauge increases as the party continues to play and complete dungeons together. Additional bonus EXP is given proportional to the increase. When fever reaches 100%, all party members’ MP are restored and they all become temporarily awakened.
Your total scores are shown at the end of a dungeon run. These are determined by how many monsters you defeated and how long your combos were. Remember: the longer you keep a combo going, the higher your score.

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Combat System
Combat System
Elsword Online’s combat system has a unique feature: its only limit is a player’s reflexes and imagination. Once you have had enough practice, it’s time to chain, chain, chain! Execute one combo after the other to create a chain combo, which in turn will increase your total score for the dungeon.
Combo Counter
See those numbers? That’s your damage counter; the higher that number is, the longer and more effective your combo chain. Your combos can also be classified from “Good” to “Evil”, and can determine just how much higher your total score will be.


Basic Combos
Pressing the Z then X keys allows one to start a combo. Pressing the Z key a few times then X will also allow you to land more hits to start a combo. Every class has one, and even if the buttons are the same, their attacks are different. Remember: branching attack combos is the first step to raising that Total Score!
Press F1 and you can see the combo tree as you attack. Here’s one combo to start you off: [Z] [Z] [Z] [X].
Advanced Combos
Mix it up! Link additional combos with your basic moves to create a non-stop combo chain.


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Elemental Effects

Fire element will give the character burning effect abilities. If an enemy is hit with a burning effect their HP will reduce gradually.
Water element gives the character freezing effect abilities. If an enemy is hit with a freezing effect, their defense and movement will be reduced.
Nature element will give the character poisoning effect abilities. If an enemy is hit with a poisoning effect, their HP will reduce gradually.
Wind element will give the character piercing effect abilities. If an enemy is hit with a piercing effect, the damage will increase while ignoring all defenses and buffs.
Light element will give the character petrifying effect abilities. If an enemy is hit with a petrifying effect, there is a small chance they will turn into stone for a few seconds.
Darkness element will give the character plagued abilities. If an enemy is hit with a plagued effect, their HP and MP will transfer to the attacker’s HP and MP.


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Player’s Progress
EXP (Experience Points)
The yellow bar indicates the current experience points and the amount required to reach the next level. A player receives experience points when they complete a dungeon or quest.
Like any living being, your character can become fatigued. The stamina represents the endurance of a character, and once it is depleted, the character will no longer be able to join a dungeon until it is replenished.


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