Cannonball (Active)

Draw out the [Hand Cannon] and fire a huge projectile of energy. The projectile will travel a set distance before exploding. Holding the skill key will charge the projectile in Super Armor state. Use the up/down arrow keys to adjust where to fire. Depending on the charged energy, damage and size will increase.


Flame Strike (Special Active)

Fires flames from a flamethrower. During Flame Strike’s attack, movement is possible with the left/right direction keys, and attack direction can be adjusted with the up/down direction keys.
When firing, flames neutralize immunity.
Enemies hit by Flame Strike will be inflicted with [Burn] state.

Flame Strike
(Special Active)

Over Strike Enhance (Passive)

Additional benefits are applied when [Over Strike] is activated.
(In PvP, only 40% of the effects are applied)
All skills that deal magical damage now deal physical damage instead.

Over Strike Enhance


Steyr Antitank (Active)

Fire an explosive shot that pierces through the enemy. The bullet epxlodes several times, dealing damage to nearby enemies and pushing them.

Steyr Antitank

Lock-on Stratos
(Special Active)

Fire a powerful laser from a satellite in the stratosphere at nearby enemies 3 consecutive times. (Within 900 range)
Skill will not activate if there are no enemies in range.

Lock-on Stratos
(Special Active)


FM-31 Grenade Launcher
(Special Active)

Rapid fire grenades continuously.
Shots explode on impact and also deal damage to enemies near said explosions.

FM-31 Grenade Launcher
(Special Active)


Laser Rifle (Special Active)

Fires a laser forward. A narrow laser that fires a long range beam and attacks multiple enemies in front.
When firing the laser, press the activation key to charge.
Upon max charge, Attack Power and Attack Range is increased.

Laser Rifle
(Special Active)


Quantum Bomb
(Special Active)

Drop a giant bomb on a designated area and deal a great amount of damage to nearby enemies. Hold the activation key to decide the landing area for 2 sec. with direction keys.

Quantum Bomb
(Special Active)


Miracle Vision (Buff)

Increase the damage of all Active and Special Active Skills.

Miracle Vision