Ready, set, aim! Rose has a unique system called the ECP which is used to power up a number of attacks. Her ECP System also allows her to switch out her guns for maximum damage!

The ECP Gauge

  •  Rose has ‘ECP Skills’ that uses ECP instead of Mana Points
  •  Once used, ECP Points will replenish 5 points per second.


Over Strike

  • When Over Strike is activated, damage for all X combos will increase by 50% and attack power of Over Strike Skills increases.
  • ECP skills are unusable once Over Strike is active. Weapon switching is still allowed



Rose’s ability to switch weapons is what makes her unique. Her weapons of choice are: a revolver, a musket, an auto-gun, and a hand cannon. A UI placed between the Quick Slot and the Skill Slot will help you determine which gun is currently in use.

  •  Pressing ‘V’ will switch out Rose’s weapon to the next weapon in the lineup. Switching weapons can only be done in a clockwise direction.
  •  When doing X combos, switching weapons by holding ‘V’ is allowed.
  •  Switching weapons by pressing ‘V’ is only allowed in fields and dungeons.
  •  To switch her weapons in towns and resting areas, go to Rose’s character UI and click on the gun icons below her avatar.

Rose’s weapons feature different attack styles that deal damage to enemies differently.

Rose’s default weapon. Fires quick shots at set intervals. Mid-range.

Does more damage than revolvers. Fires slower. Long-range.

Auto-guns: Lowest damage dealer in her arsenal but it is the fastest weapon to inflict damage. Consumes 2 MP each at set intervals. Mid-range.

Hand Cannons:
Deals the highest damage but it is the slowest weapon she has. Mid-range.