The Night Savers sent Rena the Trapping Ranger to investigate a kidnapping after receiving an appeal for help from the Ponggos. Upon learning that the awful King Nasod was the one who abducted the Ponggos, she wasted no time in rescuing them.
With help from Elsword and the rest of their El Search Party, Rena beat King Nasod and rescued the kidnapped Ponggos. Seeing Rena’s broken Blade of Erendil, the community of Altera expressed its gratitude. The village’s sword smith forged the blade into a greater, mightier sword for the brave elf—who, from now on, carries the honor of Night Watcher.

o Now has Twig Shots that deal extra damage
o Enhanced Erendil combos
o Able to jump in and out of combat situations
o Has control over battles with Delayed Fire

 Rena Night Watcher Trailer


Starts with a kick followed by
double slashing attacks, and then
a final strike that knocks enemies
back. An additional combo can be
executed by use of cancelling combo
after the double slash.

Dash and stop, then press forward
button to perform a boost dash. Follow it
up with a jump and ZZ to deal a powerful
leaping roundhouse kick.

Instead of arrows, these combos will shoot exploding
twig shots that deal area damage.