Rena’s Nature’s Force System

By harnessing the power of the natural world, Rena has the capability to further enhance her basic attacks and various skills. The Nature’s Force System is a means for her to deal extra damage by persistently utilizing the essential battle moves.




At any given time, the amount of Nature’s Force available to Rena is displayed on the Nature’s Force (NF) gauge, right below the HP and MP gauges. The NF gauge consists of 5 bars maximum. One to 3 bars correspond to one orb, 4 bars to 2 orbs, and 5 bars to 3 orbs.


Charging. One NF bar lights up when Rena makes 6 hits using basic commands. Using specific active and special active skills will also charge up NF depending on the amount of MP used. Aim to fill up all 5 bars for best results.

Use. When certain conditions are met, NF will be consumed and Rena will automatically deal additional damage. Also, a special buff is activated when Rena fills up 3 NF orbs available.

Appearance. More bars filled in the NF gauge result to more orbs you’ll see circling around Rena.


1. Basic Commands: If at least 1 NF orb is available and the basic command attack accurately hits opponents, then additional damage will be dealt and 1 NF orb will be consumed. The additional damage made by NF ignores guard and defense, and prevents knockdown.

2. Skills: Nature’s Force may deal additional damage when a skill that uses NF is activated and hits opponents. However, if you have less than the required NF for the skill you’ve activated, it would only consume the available NF and the amount of additional damage will be in proportion to the consumed NF.


The Nature’s Force buff will be activated immediately when the NF gauge is filled up 3 or more spaces.


Nature’s Force
  • Increase MP Gain when arrow command is used.
  • Critical Chance increase
  • Critical Damage increase
  • All Resistance increase
  • Movement speed will increase per NF
    (Stage 3 Awakening will not consume NF)