What is Raven’s Rage System?

A new Nasod Core activates when Raven awakens. His suppressed rage is unleashed and channeled to the Nasod Core. It feeds off of Raven’s rage, and the more rage, the stronger it becomes. The Nasod Core assists Raven in attacks and defense depending on the battle situation.

How to activate and charge the Nasod Core

Raven can activate the Nasod Core by awakening. Once activated, the core will gain power from Raven’s successful attacks (Basic Combo / Active / Special Active).

How to use the Nasod Core

The core will assist Raven with its own set of skills. The more energy accumulated by the core means the more damage and protection it can deliver.

Nasod Core Offensive
The Nasod Core will attack the enemies when it is charged and an active or special active skill is activated.

Nasod Core Defensive
The core will transform into a defensive shield to absorb the attack and reduce inflicted damage. The number of times it can defend Raven depends on the core’s energy. The shield creates a slight push effect against the enemies during activation. It does not activate when you are attacked during a jump.

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Additional Bonuses

  • Awakening gauge fills up faster when Raven is receiving damage while the Nasod Core is activated.
  • HP and MP recovery when the Nasod Core disappears – Recovery amount depends on how much the awakening gauge increased when the Nasod Core was activated. It will not recover beyond the maximum HP and MP.
  • Awaken Raven on the 3rd bead and the Nasod Core will generate an electric field that damages the surrounding enemies.

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