In this timeline, Noah is more hopeful for a better future as he managed to meet Clamor and save Yuria.

Through this, he and Clamor have formed a bond and were able to choose the life he wants instead of living a life of revenge. Encouraged by Clamor, Noah decides to learn magic from him.


  • Dish out fast and long-range attacks to keep enemies at bay
  • Circulation System allowing customizable buffs for any situation.
  • Powerful Offensive Buffs decreasing both Cooldown Reduction and Mana Cost of Special Actives allowing continuous unleashing of skills




Noah 2nd Path Official Reveal Trailer



Combos are one of the highlights of Elsword Online. This simple system uses a combination of button presses using the 4 directional keys ( ) and the 2 attack keys, Z and X. As you level up into more advanced job classes, more specialized combos will be open to you. When you’re ready to get really tricky, you can link combos and skills together to create masterpieces of devastation. The combos themselves have alternatives as illustrated by the branches in the chart. Start with these basic attack combos.

Z = Fast attack speed but low damage
X = Low attack speed but high damage