Abyss Strike (Active)

Attack enemies in front using the force of demonic energy. Enemies hit can be linked into [Bound] state. (Can also be used midair)

Abyss Strike

Land Crusher (Special Active)

Strike the ground and engrave a seal to unleash demonic energy. Enemies directly hit by the attack will be [Stunned] for 5 seconds. 

Land Crusher
(Special Active)

Chemistry (Passive)

The contract between Lu and Ciel strengthens and they are able to read each other’s intentions. Gain control of the strength needed to attack, and decrease the knockdown rate of all command attacks.

Press the [Switching] key on an enemy in [Bound] state to execute an additional combo. Also, at a certain chance, no Combination Point will be consumed. All skill’s magical damage will be converted to physical damage.



Boomerang Step (Special Active)

Charge ahead and slash enemies ahead then step backwards. Successful attack when stepping backwards will cause a hard stun.

Boomerang Step
(Special Active)


Nightmare (Special Active)

Corrode the area in an instant with powerful demonic energy. (Can also be activated midair) Enemies hit will have their dark attribute resistance reduced and can be dealt with continuous damage within 5 seconds as their field of vision is hindered. While casting, press the skill key again to use a Combination Point and attack a nearby enemy.

(Special Active)


Bloodlust (Special Active)

Free your strength and erupt with demonic energy. Strengthen your body for 10 seconds and become engulfed with the urge to destroy.

(Special Active)


Altar of Evil (Special Active)

Let the dormant energy within overflow and enforce the agreement with Ciel to its highest value. Regain the strength and body from your glory days.

During your Manic Demon Form, gain Super Armor. Basic commands and skills will be changed and existing commands, skills and mana break will be unusable. 

Altar of Evil
(Special Active)


Phantom Rush (Active)

Summon an astral body of demonic energy and stand back. The [Demonic Astral Body] will remain for a certain time. For the enemies that clash with the [Demonic Astral Body], press the skill again to use a Combination Point and use [Phantom Rush]

Phantom Rush

Communication – Absorption (Passive)

When gaining Combination Points, you’ll receive additional points at a certain chance. When the points acquired are excessive, the character on standby for switching will recover MP.

Also, the max MP amount will increase and when Lu is knocked down, you will be able to perform an X attack that won’t knock the target down. 

Communication – Absorption