Terror Chain (Active)

Attack enemies from the front. If the enemy that is hit has the ‘Creeping Terror’ debuff, then ‘Burst of Terror’ will automatically be activated on enemies nearby. The level of ‘Creeping Terror’ will determine the damage of ‘Burst of Terror’. Enemies hit by it will have their attack speed reduced by 40% for 6 seconds.

Terror Chain

Ruinous Impact (Special Active)

Summon a demonic hand to deal tremendous damage. Enemies hit will receive additional damage and enemies hit by the knocked back enemies will receive damage. The attack ignores Defense/Guard/Damage Reduction of the enemy.

Ruinous Impact
(Special Active)

Creeping Terror (Passive)

Increases the damage of special actives when hitting the back of an enemy.
All skill’s magical damage will be converted to physical damage and also allows attacks to apply the ‘Creeping Terror’
Granted Terror
– Creeping Terror is applied with every hit.
– Target’s attack power is decreased.
– Cooldown of 1 secs in between stacks for a max of 5.
– ’Burst of Terror’ is activated by Special Actives for additional damage.

Creeping Terror


Dark Crescent (Special Active)

Slash enemies in quick rotation with a sword. (Can also be activated midair)
If it is activated as a chain skill, teleport the attacker to the nearest attacked enemy and attack.

Dark Crescent
(Special Active)


Power of Oriax (Special Active)

Briefly raises the body to its limit.

Power of Oriax
(Special Active)


Dead Hands (Special Active)

Damage nearby enemies and enhance yourself for a short duration.

Dead Hands
(Special Active)


Apollyon (Special Active)

Summons a large demon to clutch then strike enemies. If there are already enemies with the ‘Creeping Terror’ debuff inflicted, it will absorb the debuff and summon a large and more powerful demon. 50% chance to summon Darkness Demon for an attack that ignores defense.

(Special Active)


Ambush Attack (Active)

Attack the enemies in front. If you attack from behind, additional damage will be dealt.

Ambush Attack

Communication – Amplification (Passive)

Increases Lu/Ciel’s maximum MP and increases the damage of Combination skills. Also lowers all attack’s knockdown rate and when Lu is knocked down, can perform an X attack that won’t knock the target down.

Communication – Amplification