Enemies beware! A good and proper beat down is about to ensue! Laby’s unique system called Sentimental Points will enhance command attacks and certain actives! Making her hand-to-hand battles unbeatable!


  • Certain special actives are enhanced by Sentimental Points
  • Command attacks strengthened by SP will receive buffs!
  • When available, Sentimental Points are automatically consumed when Laby uses special actives that use SP or when she performs her command attacks.



You can awaken automatically when the gauge is full!
When the Awakening bead becomes active, press CTRL to use a skill. Enemies hit by the Awakening will become Groggy.
  • The gauge will empty itself upon Awakening. If the gauge is filled once more before the Awakening ends, the Awakening duration will stack!
  • The Awakening Duration stat will not have any effect on the maximum duration. It will only be increased by the effects of Lesson Learned and Love Nisha.