Eve’s Core Release System

Awaken with amplified abilities! Eve’s Core Release System allows you to go into battle with intensified, automatic attack and defense moves. Initialize the system by going into awakening mode, and build up its power while in action. Your enemies wouldn’t know what hit them when you bring on the pain!


Initialize Core

character-core-eve-1Trigger Awakening Mode with CTRL key (default), and Eve’s Core will appear hovering behind her head.

The Core Release System runs on a unique operating gauge where the progression is shown as variations in the appearance of the Core. It accumulates power when you attack opponents using commands and active/passive skills, or when you receive damage. The number of awakening beads used also affects the color of the core and the damage it gives. When used in Lv. 3 awakening (3 beads applied), the Core will give additional splash damage of 360%.



When awakening mode has ended, the remaining power in the operating gauge will be spent towards HP/MP recovery.

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Utilize Core

Each effect of the Core will be activated by meeting certain conditions.

Core Laser. The Core will fire off a laser beam at the nearest opponent when you deal active/special active skills that hit opponents accurately. This move ignores your opponents’ guard and defense. It cannot be evaded, except in PvP.

Core Shield. If you are attacked while standing (inactive), the Core will create a barrier that decreases the damage you receive by 75%. This shield will remain for 1 second. While the shield is up, press X to cause Eve to teleport a bit backward.