To acquire her next job, Eve searches for the new circuitry, and gathers the moonstone and dark El as potent energy sources. Only, she had not counted on having to give up her emotions—that part of her that made being such good friends with Elsword and the others possible—to make the new code circuit work with her Code Electra configuration.
Yet Eve endures, trusting that her friends will understand and not turn away. She terminates the emotion control circuit and succeeds in installing the new code circuit, turning her into Code Battle Seraph, a powerful, soaring, enhanced laser-emitting fighter, and an unstoppable force destined to usher in the rebirth of the Nasod race.

  • Gains two new El Crystal Spectrum modes: Reactive and Fusion
  • Reactive Mode can turn her Electrons and Beams into homing attacks
  • Highest mobility character with midair dash abilities from High-power Electronic Circuit
  • Can shoot sharper and thinner piercing lasers




After casting an Electron Ball in the air, Eve shoots a laser beam up and down towards the enemy.

After a drone attack in the air, Spectrum Booster is activated to deal Spinning Spiral Spectrum attacks up to 3 times.