The Queen of Extinction who denies and rules out those who oppose her.

After Eve’s transformation, countless information and codes that were lost were replaced with what she deemed to be correct and the perfect.

As more information was forcefully overwritten to be successful piled up, her definition of what it means to be right began to fade. Anyone that she deems as an opposition to her perfect self are errors that must be eradicated.

Thus, the Queen of Extinction was brought to life. None can deny and oppose her in her fairytale world.






Combos are one of the highlights of Elsword Online. This simple system uses a combination of button presses using the 4 directional buttons ( ) and the 2 attack buttons, Z and X. As you level up into more advanced job classes, more specialized combos will be open to you. When you’re ready to get really tricky, you can link combos and skills together to create masterpieces of devastation. The combos themselves have alternatives as illustrated by the branches in the chart. Start with these basic attack combos.

  • Z = Fast attack speed but low damage
  • X = Low attack speed but high damage