Elsword’s Way of the Sword System

Energy radiates from the sword in Elsword’s hands. Its nature is fickle—vitalizing the bearer one minute, and boosting destructive power the next.
The Way of the Sword allows Elsword to take full control once more and defeat all evil that crosses his path.



Way of the Sword
[Note: Elsword’s Way of the Sword Gauge and Mechanics have changed with the Reboot]


When playing Elsword, there will be an additional bar below the mana gauge called Way of the Sword. This bar has 10 segments that, by default, contain 5 red Destruction slots and 5 blue Vitality slots, and depending on your actions, the bar will lean towards one color or ‘aura’ (from right to left for Destruction, from left to right for Vitality), replacing the other aura’s slots. As long as an aura has at least one slot in the bar filled, you will receive special benefits depending on which aura you currently have active. The “Aura of Destruction” is selected by default, and you can switch between it and the “Aura of Vitality” by using the V key.



Depending on the type of skill you use, the bar will fill towards the right with blue Vitality slots or towards the left with red Destruction slots:

  • Flexibility/Tenacity skill: 1 slot
  • Strength skill: 2 slots
  • Bravery skill: 3 slots

Note that skills fill the slots contrary to their mode: vitality-based skills fill the bars with destruction slots; destruction-based skills fill the bar with vitality slots.
If the bar is filled completely by either aura’s slots, the aura for the other mode will deactivate and you will enter a neutral stance with no benefits when it is toggled on, until at least 1 slot is re-gained for that mode. As such, the bar acts as a balancing mechanic so over-using one mode’s skills can prevent that mode’s aura from being active.


Aura of Vitality   Aura of Destruction

When Aura of Vitality is toggled on, you will be surrounded by a blue aura. While in this mode you will receive the following benefits:

  • Increased attack, movement, and jump speed.
  • Vitality-based skills cost 30% less mana (10% in PvP).
  • Hits from vitality-based commands and skills will have mana regeneration per hit increased to 200% (120% in PvP).

When Aura of Destruction is toggled on, you will be surrounded by a crimson aura. While in this form, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Destruction-based actives and skills will do 50% more damage.
  • Destruction-based commands will do 100% more damage.
    (This stacks with any other damage modifiers)


Command Skills


State Class Command
Wait / Walk Base Vitality Vitality Vitality Vitality
Base Vitality
Lord Knight   Destruction
Base Destruction Destruction Destruction
Lord Knight Destruction Destruction
Base Vitality
Rune Slayer Destruction Destruction


State Class Command
Dash Base Vitality Vitality
Sword Knight Vitality Destruction
Magic Knight Destruction
Magic Knight Vitality Vitality
Magic Knight Destruction
Base Destruction


State Class Command
Jump Base Vitality


State Class Command
Dash Jump Base Destruction
Base Vitality Vitality Vitality
Base Destruction Destruction
Sword Knight Destruction Vitality
Magic Knight Destruction
Rune Slayer Destruction Vitality


Active and Special Active Skills

Skills will contain vitality or destructive properties which will contribute to your play style.


Class Skill Way of the Sword
Base Counterattack Destruction
Kick Vitality
Mega Slash Destruction
Assault Slash Vitality
Fatal Fury Vitality
Flame Geyser Destruction
Unlimited Blade Vitality
Triple Geyser Destruction
Sword Knight Armor Break Destruction
Air Slash Destruction
Spiral Blast Destruction
Windmill Vitality
Armageddon Blade Vitality
Double Slash Destruction
Sonic Blade Vitality
Sandstorm Destruction
Magic Knight Explosive Fist Destruction
Wind Blade Destruction
Rising Slash Destruction
Sword Fire Vitality
Storm Blade Destruction
Phoenix Talon Vitality
Slash Explosion Vitality
Luna Blade Destruction
Lord Knight Rolling Smash Vitality
Rune Slayer Sword Enchant Destruction