Aisha’s Memorize System


Power up your battle style with our devoted student of magic! Aisha’s Memorize System lets you assign up to 3 special active skills in your preferred sequence to be triggered with a single button. Get those skills memorized!




• Let Aisha stand for a second to let her go into the MP regeneration state. Wait 2 seconds, and the memorize icon will appear above her head.

• On your roster of equipped skills, the ones that can be ‘memorized’ are highlighted. The memorize slot is shown on the left side with the default control, the V key.


• Press the skills that you want to memorize (up to 3). At this point, you will spend the skill’s MP cost and cooldown begins, but the skill will not be triggered yet.

• If a memorized skill is removed from the main skill slot, that skill will also be removed from the memorize slot.

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The default hotkey to deploy memorized skills is the letter V on the keyboard (originally the hotkey for ‘sit’).
When memorized skills have been set, pressing V will deploy them one at a time.

Here are a few more things to note when using the Memorize System.

  • Since setting the skills already consume MP, the skills deployed using the memorized slot will not consume the original skill MP cost.
  • MP will not be consumed while activating memorized skills the first time, but additional MP will be consumed if you keep pressing the skill’s preset hotkey for additional damage.
  • Skills used in the memorize slot only deal 70% of the original total damage.
  • Skills used in the memorize slot doesn’t affect the original skill cooldown time, therefore allowing you to activate the memorized skills twice in a row.