With powers bestowed by the Goddess Ishmael, Ain has two unique modes that will aid him in battle and guarantee a maximized and efficient fighting style.

  • When Ain’s Power gauge fills up, he will automatically go into power mode and normal attacks [Z or X attacks] will change and become empowered.
  • Ain can fill up his power gauge by attacking and being attacked. His power mode will automatically activate once full.
  • Power Gauge depletion will vary depending on the Power mode activated.



  • Power has two modes – El’s Power: Cycle Magic and Power of God: Creation Magic.
  • Once this is activated, you can switch between the two power modes by pressing the [V] key. The default mode is El’s Power: Circulating Magic. The [V] key will only appear when Power mode is activated.
  •  Power mode will be deactivated when the gauge is depleted.

El’s Power: Cycle Magic

  • Reduces the MP cost by 10% and the cooldown by 30% in all skills
    (Marriage/Hyperactive excluded)
  • Reduces the MP Cost of Mana Break
  • Ain stats are increased by a certain percentage
  • Power gauge is consumed every second
  • Additional power will be consumed when using dash mid-air.

Power of God: Creation Magic

  • When using Command/Active attacks, additional hits without “flinch” will be activated.
  • Using Special Active attacks, will give out additional hits with “flinch” active.
  • Power gauge is consumed regularly when attacking.