Ainchase Ishmael was created by the Goddess Ishmael to restore the power of El.

When the El exploded into tiny shards, he fell through a Time & Space gap created by the explosion.  After falling through the gap, Ain lacked the power to sustain his existence and started to wilt away. While in the gap he wandered aimlessly through the chaos of Time and Space. He eventually felt a faint power of the El and instinctively chased after it. He felt the El getting stronger and with a renewed sense of the mission, he regained his powers and was able to escape.

Now, after escaping the chaos of the Time & Space gap, he returns to Elrios to assist the El Search Party and fulfill his mission.

  • The only character to have 3 phases of Awakening. Ain can activate the next levels of his Awakening phase even while in the initial Awakening phase.
  • Cycle between two Power modes – Power: Cycle Magic & Power: Creation Magic. Both Power modes give different damage and defense boosts as well as other buffs.



Ain Official Reveal Trailer



Combos are one of the highlights of Elsword Online. This simple system uses a combination of button presses using the 4 directional keys ( ) and the 2 attack keys, Z and X. As you level up into more advanced job classes, more specialized combos will be open to you. When you’re ready to get really tricky, you can link combos and skills together to create masterpieces of devastation. The combos themselves have alternatives as illustrated by the branches in the chart. Start with these basic attack combos.

Z = Fast attack speed but low damage
X = Low attack speed but high damage