Dynamo Configuration – Dissolver (Active)

Fire explosive energy shots. Damage and hits increase in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening). Each successful attack will grant 1 Dynamo Mutation Point

Configuration – Dissolver

Quake Buster
(Special Active)

Blast an energy shot downward to cause a series of explosions on the ground. (Can also be activated midair)

Quake Buster
(Special Active)

Nasod Armor Mode – Battle Gear (Passive)

Enables you to use Nasod Armor commands. Press Z or X to activate the command after pressing Z, X or skill button while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening) is activated.

– Skills: Check skill description for skills applicable with the Nasod Armor Mode.
– Commands: ZZZ[Z], ZZX[X] (1st Job), XX[X], XXZ[Z~Z], →→ZZ[Z], →→XX[X], →→↑X[X]

Damage is cancelled when hit during the Nasod Armor combo. Continue pressing to use Nasod Armor combo again.
2nd job change (Lunatic Psyker) can activate basic ground combo attacks. The final combo hit triggers the Nasod Armor to activate.
Decreases DP usage, enhances Nasod Armor Command damage.

Nasod Armor Mode
– Battle Gear


Pulse Cannon (Special Active)

Fires 4 consecutive homing particle shots. Hold the skill button to fire 4 additional shots for 25 MP per shot.

Pulse Cannon
(Special Active)


Sonic Jump (Special Active)

Use the energy charged in the dynamo to move forward explosively. Scatter many explosive nano machines while charging forward. The nano machines will have a chain reaction and deal damage to nearby enemies. (Can also be activated midair)

Sonic Jump
(Special Active)


Dynamo Configuration – Magnetron (Active)

Generate 3 magnetron discs that spins around Add. The discs will attack targets each time you land an attack. (Special Active/Hyperactive skills excluded)

Dynamo Configuration
– Magnetron


Stasis Field (Special Active)

Creates an electostatic field that damages nearby enemies. The force of energy from the attacks are accumulated in the field.

Press the skill buton to detonate the concentrated energy that will generate an explosive force.

Stasis Field
(Special Active)


Particle Storm (Passive)

Create energy storm particles when attacking or while being attacked. The storm particles damage the surrounding area but does not stun enemies. Stronger attacks generate stronger storm particles. (Hyperactive skills excluded)
Also lowers the knockdown rate of attacks.

Particle Storm