Have you been itching to go head-to-head with another player just to test how strong you are? All that hard work training and practicing new combos needs to be recognized and have we got the thing for you! What we have here is a competitive PvP system with a real-time ranking structure. Casual gamers can take a quick dive in and tough it out with other casual players, while hard-core gamers can fight to stay on top of the ranks. In addition, players can rack up Arena Points (AP) to buy items from the arena store.
Not convinced yet? Joining the ranked arena matches will also give you a chance to fight the Epic NPCs. If you think you’re just too good for the arena, think again! These legendary computer characters are so great in battle that you just might pull your hair out after coming across one. Still, the reward is good and the bragging rights will be yours if you defeat them.


  1. Click on the Arena button at the top right corner of your screen

  2. Choose which mode you want to participate in. Pick between 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3. Create a party of up to 3 members and battle against random opponents!


  4. Hit the Start Arena button and wait for the auto matching system to find the opponent appropriate for you or your team. Once the auto matching is complete.
  5. Your match has begun! Try to defeat your opponent to the best of your abilities! WARNING: You will be penalized by losing rank points if you quit before the match is over.  


  7. Results will be shown on screen after the match. This will give you information on the number of rank points, arena points, and experience points you acquired from the match!




Want to test your skills but afraid of having an actual match? You can have a practice match with friends or random players using the Sparring Mode! The best part is if you lose, they won’t be counted towards your rank!


A maximum of 8 players can participate in Sparring.

  1. Locate Camilla in any town (except in Resting Areas) and chat with her.


  3. Choose the Sparring option to access the Sparring Area.


  5. Join a room with specifications you like or you can create your own using the “Create a room” button if you can’t find any! Customize it anyway you want and wait for others to join!

  6. Then it’s practice time! Enjoy the unranked matches with friends and/or strangers and hone your skills before you get serious in the arena!



Class: Lord Knight
Rank: A

“Hello, I am Lowe! The leader of the El Search Party! I worked hard to become a respected Lord Knight in Elrios. Don’t worry. I will go easy on you! Ha Ha~”  

Basic fighting skills start by repeating the same moves over and over. Your muscle memory will improve and the skills will be as easy as breathing! We Lord Knights focus on pure brute force attacks that can shatter the opponents’ shields.

The power of El was once lost then restored back to Elrios by the legendary heroes. Lowe’s great-great grandfather was one of these heroes. He perfected the skill Mega Slash and passed it down to his descendants. Lowe now focuses on training the new adventurers of Elrios and hopes one of them will be able to gain back the lost power of El.

Class: Rune Slayer
Rank: S

“Hello! I am Penensio, Squad Leader of the Red Knights!”

Penensio is the leader of the Red Knight army in Hamel and is a skilled Rune Slayer who can summon and combine elemental magic with his runes in order to inflict status effects on his victims and constantly pressure them.

He is an extremely serious person who subscribes to the theory that Rune Slayers should use elemental runes.

Class: Elemental Master
Rank: S

“Hiya! I am Noah! The Velder Royal Guard’s Ice Princess, at your service~”  
I am a high-ranked Epic computer player. I can reject fire elements by casting elemental ice magic. My Iceberg skill can make enemies disappear if they decide to challenge me.

Don’t let Noah’s heavy armor deceive you. She is an Elemental Master in disguise! Noah has mastered the basic elemental skills of fire and can convert them all to ice skills. You will want to watch out for magic ice orbs when in battle against her. Noah also has the ability to freeze opponents that are right in front of her. Gather all the adventurers and come challenge her to see her magical powers!

Class: Void Princess
Rank: A

“Hi! Speka here! Tee-hee~ I am the shadow witch princess and I love me some darkness!”  

I may look cute but I am a serious Epic computer opponent. I made the ultimate deal with Angkor and now possess the ultimate dark power. Watch out for my massive Petite Angkor attack!

Speka became the shadow witch princess because of her intense love and affection for darkness. Her favorite outfits must have black and purple in them, so that her dark personality manifests itself. She studies her spell book daily and sometimes takes on challenging adventures in Elrios.
She wants to strengthen her dark skills and bond more with Angkor. Her love for darkness and evil surpasses even that of the glitter demons!

Class: Wind Sneaker
Rank: A

“Who goes there?! Oh hi~ I am Lime, the green forest ranger.”  

I may look nice but I take my opponents seriously. I am one of the deadliest Epic computer players around. One of my strongest skills is the Fling Arrow attack!

Lime’s purpose is to guard the forest and protect Mother Nature. She trains her combat skills in the forests of Elrios and focuses mostly on her kicks, which are proven deadly, though her skills with the bow are lacking. However, she can summon the wind spirit to strengthen her bow if she is in a tight situation.
Lowe had a duel with Lime recently, after intruding into her forest grounds. Things didn’t go too well for him.

Class: Grand Archer
Rank: A

“Is that a treasure? Oh hello~ I am Amelia, the wind archer. I am a reputable treasure hunter and I thought you were one, too *wink*”  

I would rather be in a team fight but I can also go solo. Who said all of us Epic computer players don’t like team fights? Remember, if you don’t attack me often, then you will have a hard time closing in on me. My special Spread Shot skill is something that you cannot avoid, so don’t hide now!

Believe in the strength of the grand bow and try to follow Amelia’s tactics. Friendly Elves are known treasure hunters that practice the mechanisms of archery. She can subdue an enemy from a long distance without getting hurt. Also, the arrows can be used to attack targets in a wide range.
Velder is a good source of equipment and rare goods for adventurers and information on how to knock down your opponents. Practice those skills there!

Class: Blade Master
Rank: S

“Is that blood I smell? They call me Edan… do you want to make a deal?”  

I am a high ranked Epic computer player that is very difficult to beat due to my Bloody Accel skill! I can knock down the enemy in the blink of an eye with my master swordsmanship! I can easily slice you into 13 pieces if you aren’t too careful. Mwahaha!

Edan uses a powerful bloody sword that is one of a kind. It is said that he made a deal with something outside the realm of Elrios. No one really knows if it’s true or not, but his uniform used to be white. The red is from all the blood stains from his fallen opponents.
There is an old Feita folklore about a cursed demon sword hidden in this region’s caves. Could he have made a contract with the sword?

Class: Reckless Fist
Rank: SS

“I will make you feel pain! You are only worthy to say my name when you have defeated me.”
I am the ultimate Epic computer opponent you will ever come across! My berserker armor takes away all my pain, and my skill Iron Spirits can make you extinct in a flash. Your armor defense means nothing to me, so don’t think heavy armor will save you from the pain.


Valak roamed around Velder in his heavy armor. In fact, we don’t think he takes it off when he showers. He believed everyone is jealous of him and must keep it on to protect himself if he is ever ambushed. The demon that bonded into the armor has taken over his true personality. His armor can be damaged but his claw can still tear enemies apart.
One day, he encountered Edan in the forest and they fought day and night. No one dared enter the forest until the clashing sound of swords stopped. Now… there is a search party looking for Colonel Edan.

Class: Code Nemesis
Rank: SS

– Scanning Database –

“Hello, I am the Ancient Nasod type Code: Q-PROTO_00. According to my data analysis, you are no threat to me.”
I am the highest ranked fighter on this continent! You can do anything your heart desires if you just put your mind to it! I use this powerful skill called the Illusion Stinger that was once developed by the Ancient Nasods millions of years ago. My ‘Queen’s Throne’ is always overcharged so I constantly summon my wing drones to enhance my fighting abilities.


Code: Q-PROTO_00 is known as one of the most powerful Ancient Nasod Prototype Drones. She failed to develop normal human senses, so instead she became one of the strongest Nasod combat troopers that ever existed in Elrios. She has the potential to do everything herself by installing a core of countless data to progress her self-image. She has the ability to maximize combat capability by destroying thousands at a time and making them disappear!
After some time, some unknown spirit from Altera Core has revealed another hidden Ancient Nasod named Apple. Apple is known to be reckless. Visit the Arena and find out what these Ancient Nasods are up to!


Class: Code Empress
Rank: A

“– Analyzing Data –

“Hi~ I am the Ancient Nasod Princess, Apple!! I only fight if I have to~”

I am the most exclusive and challenging hero NPC alive! With a difficulty level similar to Lowe’s, there are no distinct skills. However, I can use the cool down time to quickly access my skill patterns!


Apple is the Ancient Nasod Princess that has been asleep for centuries but was awakened by King Nasod. Apple is very gentle and intelligent. She was quietly hiding at Altera Core until it was time to come out. However, the Ancient Nasod Code: Q-PROTO_00 was not able to rest due to the El’s explosion. Now, Q-PROTO_00 is aware of Apple’s existence and is headed to Altera Core. Apple intends to use all of the power remaining from the El and use it against Q-PROTO_00 to modify and control her code.
Apple seeks to gain more of the El’s power but realizes that Edan, the Bloody Officer, holds the power of El. She now hopes to use the modified Q-PROTO_00 to attack him.

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