Uno Hound
ATTACK: Hand to hand combat, slowly recovers damaged health
DESCRIPTION: A muscular demonic animal from Brutal Clan known for his big muscles and small brains. Raised by a specialized breeder, he is usually left alone in the field because he becomes uncontrollable when he loses his temper.
DUNGEON: Residential Area 3
Arc Glitter Assassin
ATTACK: Poison attack using a dagger; smoke attack
DESCRIPTION: A Glitter with ninja speed. He is nimble and good at outboxing type attacks.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
Dark Elf Sentinel
ATTACK: Fast and accurate bowmanship, uses a dagger to stab enemies in close range
DESCRIPTION: An elf that protected Dark El in the demon realm. Elves are independent, but when the high-ranked elf Chloe broke the rule, many dark elves followed her and worked under the demon.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
ATTACK: Spews fireballs, smacks the enemy with its horned head
DESCRIPTION: A demonic animal raised by demons. It flies in the sky and spits fireballs.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
Glitter Commander
ATTACK: Slashes enemies with a big blade, leads the Arc Glitters
DESCRIPTION: A mutated glitter that leads the finest Arc Glitters. They change their battle formation and attack in a group.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
Arc Glitter Protector
ATTACK: Charges and defends with the shield up
DESCRIPTION: A demon tanker.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
Arc Glitter Sniper
ATTACK: Snipes the enemy from a long range
DESCRIPTION: A demon with long ranged battle skills.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
Arc Glitter Dasher
ATTACK: Pounds the enemy using his giant hammer
DESCRIPTION: A demon with close ranged combat skills.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
Blood Eater
ATTACK: Steals HP from nearby enemies
DESCRIPTION: A small demon that steals enemies’ vitality and runs away.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
ATTACK: Attacks using its sharp beak
DESCRIPTION: A demonic animal with a rooster’s body and a lizard’s tail. It attacks using its beak and shoots a petrifying beam. A Glitter rides it at times.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
Arc Glitter Guard
ATTACK: Dashes with a long spear
DESCRIPTION: A demon that launches mid-ranged attacks.
DUNGEON: All Velder Dungeons
ATTACK: Universal attack using her bow, dagger, and martial arts
DESCRIPTION: High ranked dark elf that betrayed her race and works for demons. No one knows why she turned away from her own race. She is charismatic and leads the army of dark elf rebels.
DUNGEON: Hope Bridge


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