Stealthy Morfos
ATTACK: Swipes with a dagger, deals massive damage using a bomb
DESCRIPTION: Specialized in stealth and assassination, he is the big boss of Arc Glitter Assassins.
DUNGEON: Hope Bridge
Arc Glitter Panzer
ATTACK: Swings a frail and crushes the enemy with a spiky shield
DESCRIPTION: A giant Glitter wearing a very thick armor. He can take enemies’ attacks with his giant shield, and he swings a frail at the same time.
DUNGEON: Hope Bridge
ATTACK: Deals damage using flames
DESCRIPTION: A Demoniac spirit in the flames of battlefield. Dark elves used the flames in Velder Palace to summon her.
DUNGEON: Palace Entrance, Burning Hope Bridge
Arc Glitter Alchemist
ATTACK: Uses alchemy knowledge to cast spells
DESCRIPTION: A Glitter that abandoned the study of magic, and instead focused on mastering alchemy and science.
DUNGEON: Palace Entrance, Burning Hope Bridge
Demoniac Cannon
ATTACK: Shoots cannonballs from a fixed spot
DESCRIPTION: Demon’s cannon. It is located in every corner and shoots cannonballs continuously. You can change its direction using a special attack.
DUNGEON: Palace Entrance, Burning Hope Bridge
Arc Glitter Thrower
ATTACK: Throws huge rocks at enemies
DESCRIPTION: He is nimble and good at outboxing-type attacks.
DUNGEON: Palace Entrance, Burning Hope Bridge
Mcgard the Blitzkrieg
ATTACK: Uses his spear and strange martial arts, charges at enemies with Polka
DESCRIPTION: Known as the best fighter among Glitters, this warrior travels only with his partner, Polka, to find a strong opponent. He lives to compete with the strongest men in the world!
DUNGEON: Palace Entrance
Glitter Vanguard
ATTACK: Uses spears, cannons, and thick armor to deal damage
DESCRIPTION: Multi-functional destructive siege tank operated by Glitter soldiers. It is shielded by layers of thick armor that is hard to penetrate.
DUNGEON: Palace Entrance
Invincible Vardon
ATTACK: Slams enemies with his shield, uses frail
DESCRIPTION: With his massive shield and a frail, he is feared by many as the ‘Invincible’ one.
DUNGEON: Burning Hope Bridge
Crazy Puppet
ATTACK: Sets everything on fire, uses possessed dolls to attack and confuse enemies
DESCRIPTION: A serial arsonist. He is considered a special kind even among demons. He loves seeing things burn, so he goes around setting everything on fire.
DUNGEON: Burning Hope Bridge
Sullen Joaquin
ATTACK: Makes various potions that summon poisonous dark clouds
DESCRIPTION: Sullen Joaquin specializes in the research of demonic alchemy. He has dedicated over 100 years to making deadly potions!
DUNGEON: Commercial Area 1, Southern Gate
ATTACK: Traps enemies with his excellent swordsmanship
DESCRIPTION: A cute little chubby boy that is hiding a dark secret. Looks can be deceiving!
DUNGEON: Commercial Area 1


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