Rash Oba Trock
ATTACK: Trock boomerang attacks
DESCRIPTION: An Oba Trock that deals deadlier swipes using the boomerang.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair
Rash Fogta Trock
ATTACK: Self explosion
DESCRIPTION: An even more volatile Trock. Once his sight is set on a target, he will blow his top off, causing a massive explosion.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair
Rash Buggy Trock
ATTACK: Trock shaman magic
DESCRIPTION: The magic user of the Trock race gets creepier. Beware their assaults using undead magic.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair
Rash Caskey
ATTACK: Bite attacks
DESCRIPTION: A more dangerous Trock pet.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair
Rash Rocky Trock
ATTACK: Feet tap punch
DESCRIPTION: An even tougher warrior Trock. He shields himself while tapping his feet, then throws a punch.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair
Rash Iron Trock
ATTACK: Mace swing attacks
DESCRIPTION: The Trocks’ iron warrior does not seem special. That is why others often underestimate him, until they have been imperiled by his rage.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair
Trock Cerberus
ATTACK: Poison Breath, Claw Swipes, Running Charge
DESCRIPTION: Do not let this crazy dog swipe at you with its strong paws. Savage instincts drive it to howl and charge at enemies, causing them to flee.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair (Hard, Very Hard)
Burning Fogta
ATTACK: Self explosion
DESCRIPTION: Among the most volatile of Trocks, he blows his top off once a target is identified, causing a massive explosion with scorching damage.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair (Hard, Very Hard)
Chieftain Trockta
ATTACK: Various offensives with his shaman helper, energy draining roar, bone trap
DESCRIPTION: The leader of the Trocks and boss of Trock’s Lair seems possessed by a strange force. Driven out of the highlands by the Caluso tribe, he and his kinfolk hope to someday reclaim their home in Parugo mountain.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair
Caluso Combat Warrior
ATTACK: Martial arts kicks and katar attacks
DESCRIPTION: The combat warrior of the tribe uses a katar, a weapon made up of multiple push daggers protruding from his knuckles.
DUNGEON: Caluso Tribal Village
Caluso Wind Warrior
ATTACK: Wind Slyph Magic Attacks
DESCRIPTION: A windy territory proves to be an advantage to the warrior who can harness its power.
DUNGEON: Caluso Tribal Village
Caluso Elite Warrior
ATTACK: Spear thrust and pull attacks
DESCRIPTION: The Caluso tribe’s elite warrior defends the village with spear and shield.
DUNGEON: Caluso Tribal Village


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