Caskey Breeder Toggy
ATTACK: Undead boney seeking blast, Caskey Summon
DESCRIPTION: The strongest Trock magic user who is responsible for breeding Caskeys with various abilities.
DUNGEON: Barren Sander
ATTACK: Dark energy blast, pendant explosion, various axe swings, slab toss
DESCRIPTION: The boss of Barren Sander is frightening, to say the least. He grows and becomes more dangerous the longer you wait to defeat him.
DUNGEON: Barren Sander
Desert Sand Seal
ATTACK: Head Butt
DESCRIPTION: One of the native creatures of Sander. It’s said its fur is a valuable trading commodity.
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock
Garpai Harpy
ATTACK: Diving kick and wind wing slashes
DESCRIPTION: The Garpai Harpy is only the first of the harpies you will encounter. A harpy is a creature with a woman’s head and torso and a bird’s limbs and wings.
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock
Giant Garpai Harpy
ATTACK: Tumbling wing attacks
DESCRIPTION: A larger harpy that lives in Garpai, this monster is recognized for its red feathers.
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock
Baby Harpy
ATTACK: Rolling headbutt
DESCRIPTION: Sure, it looks adorable now, but this Baby Harpy is destined to become a ravenous creature in just a few years.
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock
Whirlwind Harpy
ATTACK: Dark whirlwinds
DESCRIPTION: A whirlwind is one of those feared phenomena. So is this harpy, whose attacks can be both unpredictable and lethal.
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock
Harpy Nest
DESCRIPTION: This is a nest of harpy eggs. Doesn’t it make you wonder which came first?
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock
Dark Wing Okypete
ATTACK: Dark Chakram Attacks, Massive dark whirlwind
DESCRIPTION: This dreadful, fast flying harpy is one of two siblings who can shred their enemies to bits.
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock (Hard, Very Hard)
Gold Wing Aello
ATTACK: Golden Chakram Attacks, Golden wing spin
DESCRIPTION: A creature of the whirlwind, this torturing harpy is one of two siblings who willingly tear their enemies to ruins.
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock (Hard, Very Hard)
Steel Wing Kelaino
ATTACK: Varying wind attacks, diving assaults, multiple plummeting blades
DESCRIPTION: The Garpai Rock boss is a terrifying winged creature equipped with sharp blades. Watch out!
DUNGEON: Garpai Rock
Rash Vegar Trock
ATTACK: Overhand rock fist punch
DESCRIPTION: A reckless warrior Trock that hits his enemies with an overgrown rock fist.
DUNGEON: Trock’s Lair


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