Mag Norm
ATTACK: Throws Rings of Fire
DESCRIPTION: Beware of this piece of magma. Not only does it burn, it brawls!
DUNGEON: Burnt Forest
Mag Stone
ATTACK: Crushes Enemies with Flaming Rocks
DESCRIPTION: This hunk of magma does more damage than the norm.
DUNGEON: Burnt Forest
Mag Charger
ATTACK: Emits Fire, Explodes when defeated
DESCRIPTION: When magma comes to life and charges at you—do you flee or fight?
DUNGEON: Burnt Forest
Angry Gripig
ATTACK: Fire Bursts, Ram Assault
DESCRIPTION: This little piggy was home, but that home was burned down. Now you have to fight it and all of its siblings.
DUNGEON: Burnt Forest
Angry Mother Pig
ATTACK: Breathes a constant fire, charges at enemies
DESCRIPTION: The mother pig will not stand for any harm that threatens her offspring. Your better brace yourself before facing her!
DUNGEON: Burnt Forest
Angry Dryad
ATTACK: Emits fire orbs
DESCRIPTION:This tree spirit is furious. Why, if your home had been destroyed, wouldn’t you be furious, too?
DUNGEON: Burnt Forest
Dryad Kenta
ATTACK: Bounds and crashes, bolts and fires arrows
DESCRIPTION: The leader of the forest’s tree spirits will stop at nothing to bring peace and order back to her home and kinsfolk.
DUNGEON: Burnt Forest
Steel Petty Worker
ATTACK: Hits with hot pliers
DESCRIPTION: He may be small, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work as hard as a regular steel worker.
DUNGEON: Ash Covered Village
Steel Worker
ATTACK: Swipes at enemies with two hammers
DESCRIPTION: The average blacksmith doesn’t usually cause any trouble. He appears to be under some kind of spell.
DUNGEON: Ash Covered Village
Steel Messenger
ATTACK: Tosses pickaxe and coals at intruders
DESCRIPTION: The saying goes, ‘Don’t shoot the messenger.’ In this case, there may be enough reason to attack one.
DUNGEON: Ash Covered Village
Steel Mechanic
ATTACK: Plants mines, restores X2 Death Machines
DESCRIPTION: He maintains the Steel Blacksmiths’ machines. He can probably send the X2 Death Machine after your enemy, if you ask nicely.
DUNGEON: Ash Covered Village
X2 Death Machine
ATTACK: Automated machine gun assault, explodes when nearly defeated
DESCRIPTION: It’s nice to look at, and it may even pass for a toy. Not so nice anymore if you find out it’s the very last thing you’ll see in your life.
DUNGEON: Ash Covered Village


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