Steel Cart Pusher
ATTACK: Rams cart at intruder
DESCRIPTION: A transporter of blacksmiths’ materials might get bored easily. Can’t really blame the guy if he starts ramming the cart into a bunch of intruders.
DUNGEON: Ash Covered Village
Supervisor Aluminu
ATTACK: Hammer smash, throws hammers, runs away
DESCRIPTION: The overseer of the Steel Blacksmiths is a tough brute to beat. He has ridden the mine cart so many times that he can easily fight you while on a moving one.
DUNGEON: Ash Covered Village
The Steel Anvil Sdeing
ATTACK: Giant hammer smash, 180 hammer swing, explosion through failed crafting, runs away
DESCRIPTION: The leader of the Steel Blacksmiths seems to be a good man, but is being accused of a crime. Sdeing looks like a god with a giant hammer, and possesses some amazing armor.
DUNGEON: Ash Covered Village
Entranced Mechanic
ATTACK: Plants a landmine
DESCRIPTION: Something in the air seems to have left this mechanic mesmerized. Watch out for the landmine!
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser
Entranced Petty Worker

ATTACK: Uses brush to hit
DESCRIPTION: This worker’s break has been disrupted. It’s no surprise that he’ll swing any available weapon at intruders—in this case, it’s a brush.
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser
Entranced Messenger

ATTACK: Throws Coals and Pick Axe
DESCRIPTION: This messenger comes equipped with mining paraphernalia. The noxious atmosphere makes him throw it all at intruders.
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser
Entranced Worker

ATTACK: Swings wooden buckets
DESCRIPTION: Even while staying at the geyser, this worker is ready to swing pails at intruders.
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser
Entranced Mermaid

ATTACK: Water Bubble Attack, Circle Attack, Bubble Attack
DESCRIPTION: Something has definitely gone awry when a typically cheerful mermaid starts attacking.
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser
Entranced Murloch

ATTACK: Summons 2 Entranced Mermen, Swings Spiked Club
DESCRIPTION: All ordinary mermen answer to the almighty Murloch.
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser
Entranced Merman

ATTACK: Swings Spiked Club
DESCRIPTION: A spiked club is nothing to be afraid of… until you see it in the hands of a merman who’s mysteriously compelled to attack you.
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser
Entranced Aluminu – Mini Boss

ATTACK: Bucket Throw, Bucket Smash, Run Away
DESCRIPTION: The spellbound supervisor appears displeased. Steer clear of the buckets of pain he’s about to deal.
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser
Entranced Sirena

ATTACK: Bubble Fall, Circle Attack, Retreat then Summons 5 Entranced Mermen, Diving Attack, Water Burst
DESCRIPTION: With hordes of mermen and water attacks at her disposal, this beautiful mermaid is the ultimate baddie of the geyser.
DUNGEON: Phantasmal Geyser

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