ATTACK: Uses Military Swordsman technique with implanted Nasod hand
DESCRIPTION: The Captain of The Black Crow. A former Velder soldier seeking revenge, Raven was transformed into Nasod and appointed Captain by the Nasod King.
DUNGEON: The Black Crow
Black Crow Gladiator
ATTACK: Combo attack using giant sword
DESCRIPTION: Combatant of The Black Crow. The first infantry to take down those who dare intrude The Black Crow.
DUNGEON: The Black Crow
Black Crow Commander
ATTACK: Stabs and swings two-handed sword
DESCRIPTION: The Black Crow’s combatant commander. He follows Raven’s orders and leads the Black Crow’s combatants.
DUNGEON: The Black Crow
Black Crow Sniper
ATTACK: Uses B-4 grenade launcher, fires a gun
DESCRIPTION: Combatant of The Black Crow. He attacks in the distance.
DUNGEON: The Black Crow, Return Plains
Black Crow Engineer
ATTACK: Swings a spanner, repairs the Black Crow ship
DESCRIPTION: Combatant of The Black Crow. He repairs broken weapons and machines.
DUNGEON: The Black Crow
Corrupt Nasod Driller
ATTACK: Attacks with excavating equipment, charges with giant body, plants mines, shoots energy bullet
DESCRIPTION: An abandoned driller created to excavate minerals and attack intruders. It somehow started moving again.
DUNGEON: Return Plains
Corrupt Nasod Miner
ATTACK: Cylinder, dash attacks
DESCRIPTION: Discarded broken Nasod controlled by Alterasia Spores.
DUNGEON: Return Plains, Transporting Tunnel B4-1
Nasod Gardener Type-F
ATTACK: Pest-killing flame, charge attack
DESCRIPTION: Ancient Nasod used for watering gardens and removing bugs. It has been modified to become a killing machine.
DUNGEON: Return Plains
Nasod Scout Type-L
ATTACK: Flame and electrical discharges
DESCRIPTION: Nasod that spies on Alterasia infested areas.
DUNGEON: Return Plains, Altera Core
Parasitic Alterasia Turret
ATTACK: Attacks with gun and laser mounted on the turret
DESCRIPTION: Infected by malformed Alterasia, this Turret Nasod attacks every living thing that approaches.
DUNGEON: Transporting Tunnel B4-1
Corrupt Nasod Excavator
ATTACK: Hits with two giant shovel arms, swings giant tongs
DESCRIPTION: A once abandoned old Nasod excavator that is now controlled by Alterasia Spores.
DUNGEON: Transporting Tunnel B4-1
ATTACK: Scatters Alterasia Spores
DESCRIPTION: Toxic plant living under Altera. It scatters spores that live off machines. A sturdy and widespread creature that survives on tiny energy sources.
DUNGEON: Transporting Tunnel B4-1


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