Alterasia Spore
ATTACK: Emits electricity, parasites on broken Nasod
DESCRIPTION: A spore from Alterasia.
DUNGEON: Transporting Tunnel B4-1
Earthen Armadillo
ATTACK: Rolling attack, roll and defend
DESCRIPTION: A mutated armadillo that lives deep underground.
DUNGEON: Transporting Tunnel B4-1, Return Plains
Sonic Bat
ATTACK: Ultrasonic attack
DESCRIPTION: A bat that dwells deep inside the Transporting Tunnel.
DUNGEON: Transporting Tunnel B4-1
Fire Nasod: Ignis
ATTACK: Nasod martial arts, fire enchanted attacks
DESCRIPTION: Fire enchanted Nasod. One of the twin Nasods guarding the Altera Plains.
DUNGEON: Altera Plains, Altera Core
Water Nasod: Leviathan
ATTACK: Nasod martial arts, water enchanted attacks
DESCRIPTION: Water enchanted Nasod. One of the twin Nasods guarding the Altera Plains.
DUNGEON: Altera Plains, Altera Core
Electrifying Tong
ATTACK: Charges the area with electrifying energy
DESCRIPTION: A trap installed by Nasods.
DUNGEON: Altera Plains
Nasod Oro
ATTACK: Jump and dash
DESCRIPTION: A small Nasod that cleans up the plains. It moves and cleans in a group. It seems to be manufactured mechanically from somewhere.
DUNGEON: Altera Plains
Oro House
ATTACK: Summons Nasod Oro
DESCRIPTION: A hole from which the Nasod Oro appears. You can find many of these in Altera Plains.
DUNGEON: Altera Plains
Nasod Scorpion
ATTACK: Tail and claw attacks
DESCRIPTION: Scorpion type Nasod. It remains covered in moss when undisturbed.
DUNGEON: Altera Plains
Crow Rider
ATTACK: Military swordsman technique
DESCRIPTION: A clone of Raven created by King Nasod as he infused the injured Raven with Nasod power. He has the same fighting moves as Raven.
DUNGEON: Nasod Foundry, Altera Core
Nasod Scorpion King
ATTACK: Tail and claw attacks, shoots beams
DESCRIPTION: A Nasod Scorpion fully upgraded for a single purpose–to kill. This giant monster overwhelms intruders.
DUNGEON: Nasod Foundry
Nasod Guard: Cannon
ATTACK: Uses laser and high-angled cannons
DESCRIPTION: A shooter-type Nasod Guard stationed at the Nasod Foundry.
DUNGEON: Nasod Foundry


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