The fields of Elrios are overrun with monsters, and if you are not careful, your health may be wasted even before you get to enter a dungeon or complete your quests. On the bright side, fields provide plenty of opportunities to gather loot and gain experience without the strict scorekeeping and clearing requirement of dungeons. Learn more about fields and the challenges they bring to your gameplay.


  • When entering a field from a village, notice that your attack and skill slot buttons become functional.

  • Be on guard! Monsters are all over the place, and once you defeat one, another monster will randomly appear in the field.

  • Monsters may randomly drop ED and items, and you can earn EXP by beating them. Doing so, you will also use up stamina. You may still defeat field monsters without stamina, but you may not acquire EXP or monster swag.

  • Watch your vitals while on the field. When you enter a dungeon, the current levels of HP, MP, awakening beads, and the remaining cool-down time of consumables/skills you just used will be carried over into the dungeon.

  • You can recover HP by typing /sit in the chat window or pressing V on your keyboard. (You can also gradually recover HP in the village and resting area.)

  • You can use a resurrection stone to revive your character from defeat in the field. Just press Z.



The world of Elsword is divided into different regions. Ruben is a region, as are Elder, Bethma, and so on. Each region is usually divided into several areas. For example, you will have to walk through Elder village to get to the region’s field, Wally’s Memorial Bridge. The first resting area that you will come across is located right after Bethma Village, which is Dicey Sky Road.


Labels on field monsters are color-coded to indicate their levels in relation to your own character’s level.


Over +9 of your current level


Between +3 to +8 of your current level


Between -3 to +2 of your current level


Between -9 to -4 of your current level


Below -10 of your current level


Field monsters come in 2 types, marked by the color of their life bar.

Passive – Monsters will randomly roam around the field and will not start attacking unless you are within their range.
Reactive – The exclamation point indicates that the monster will start attacking you.



An area without monsters, a resting area is where the NPCs Helen and Glave are located. You can also find a mailbox and a board here so you can keep up with your correspondence. Notice that just like in the village, your battle skills are deactivated here. You may also choose to get transported directly to any of the resting areas in regions you have previously visited by using the Cobo Transportation Service for a fee in ED.



Region Field Resting Area
Elder Wally’s Memorial Bridge
Bethma Dicey Sky Road
Feita Pilgrim’s Site
Dead Man’s Hill
Velder Prosperity Road
Harmony Road
The Peace Road
Port Lurensia
Velder/Hamel destined
Clock Tower Square
Hamel Elime’s Wave
Stricken City
Noah’s Grave
Circular Waterway
Fountain of Healing


Sander Temple of the Wind
Caluso Tribe Territory
Sandtilus Grave
Behemoth Crater
Wind Stone Ruins


Lanox Ashen Land
Geyser Plains
Volcanic Edge Canyon

Distant Ruins

Silent Night Shelter


Elysion Shyflowne Pond

Outer City

Judge’s Sanctuary

Atlas Station
Varnimyr Camp: Crimson Edge
Laby’s Imaginary World

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