HENIR’S TIME AND SPACE: The Ultimate Challenge
If you’re always itching to get into some boss fight action, then Henir’s Time & Space will be your new playground! In this exclusive dungeon, you’ll find that all the boss monsters you’ve encountered in previous dungeons are ready to take you on one more time!
Henir’s Time and Space is a boss rush dungeon that lets players enter without Stamina. This dungeon has Normal and Challenge modes.You will be given limited Consumables to help you complete the dungeon. In Challenge mode, the damage the monsters receive from players is reduced. However, clearing the Challenge mode makes you eligible to enter the Henir’s Time and Space ranking, allowing you to obtain titles if you are qualified for ranks 1 – 30 on your character.

1. Getting Started
2. Map
3. Rewards


Getting Started

● You can enter the dungeon as many times as you like. However, you will only earn rewards once per week.
● Time and Space Fragments will be sent to the mailbox each week based on the number of stages that you cleared.
● Your character must be Lv.99 with 150K Combat Power to enter the dungeon.
● You can access Henir’s Time and Space through the dungeon window in the Special Tab.



● Henir’s Time and Space has a total of 20 Stages for normal mode and 6 stages for challenge mode.

● Make sure you’re all geared up and ready because these stages are filled with bosses!


Henir’s Time and Space is a bloody hard dungeon, but the rewards in the end are totally worth it! Powerful Force skills can be earned and upgraded by completing Henir’s Time and Space.
● Start by collecting exchange material items that you will receive from Henir’s Time and Space.
Time and Space Element
● Complete as many stages as you can to acquire the maximum amount of exchange materials per week.
● Acquire the items that’s suited for your character as you progress and become stronger.
● Speak to NPC Glave in resting areas and view his Exchange lists. Be sure to keep checking the exchange requirements so you’ll be well prepared.
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