Dungeon play is the core of Elsword Online. You will find that each dungeon has its own part in the story and you will eventually get to play all of them. You can play a dungeon by yourself or in a party of up to 4 players.

Party Matching System
Dungeons are best played with a party! While logged on to the game with your character, click the Dungeon button at the right side of the screen. This will open the dungeon selection interface which lets you choose a particular dungeon and its specifications, as well as initiate party matching.


Click the appropriate button to change the dungeon’s difficulty among Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. You cannot select the next difficulty level if you have not completed the difficulty level before it.
The indicated number of players for a dungeon is the minimum number of players the party matching system requires before starting the dungeon instance.
Level Range
Your character must meet a dungeon’s level requirements to enter through party matching.
Appropriate Item Level
Your equipped items must meet the dungeon’s item level requirement.
Starting a Dungeon
Pressing ‘Start Dungeon’ or the F8 key will launch the party matching system. The system will try to create a party with up to 4 members of different classes who selected the same difficulty level. You may also choose ‘Start with current members’ to go immediately into a dungeon by yourself or with your current party members.
Quest Marker
In the maps showing dungeon locations, the Q icon will appear over dungeons where you may accomplish tasks in order to complete a quest in your list. Let Q drive your adventure!

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Party by Invitation
Another way to form a party is by sending out a party invite. You can choose one of several ways to invite other players.

  • Right-click on the other character you want to invite and select the invite button.
  • Invite players using the chat command /invite [nickname] [server]. (Last part may be omitted if you and the other player are in the same server.)
    Example: /invite Elsword Solace or /invite Elsword
  • Right-click over your own character and click ‘Add Party’. Type the nickname of the character you want to invite.
  • Right-click the name of the character you want to invite from your friends list.

Once the party is formed, only the party leader can invite players into the group. If the party has less than 4 members, you may also use the party matching system to find additional members.

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Inside the Dungeon

Survival Tips

Remember these pointers when playing a dungeon.

  • Complete a dungeon to receive ED, items, and EXP for your character. Dungeon progress cannot be saved and the player will be penalized if they exit the dungeon without completing it.
  • Choose 4 skills you want to use before starting a dungeon because present skills cannot be changed once the player is in the dungeon map.
  • Higher-difficulty maps contain higher-level monsters that drop more items than a normal monster.
  • Players can use the resurrection stone to revive themselves or other party members in a dungeon.
  • Defeat all the monsters in the stage to proceed to the next stage in the dungeon map.

Item Drops
Monsters in a dungeon will drop ED and random items based on your individual effort in defeating them. The items that you collected will be listed in the rewards summary shown at the end of a dungeon instance.
The mini map displays how far along you are in the dungeon, and how many stages are left before you meet the boss.

Mini Boss and Final Boss
The mini boss appears in the middle stage of a dungeon when players select Hard or Very Hard difficulties. It will drop a 30% HP recovery item once defeated. The final boss is always in the last stage of a dungeon, and will drop a 50% HP recovery item once defeated.

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Available Dungeons
Region – Ruben
Region – Elder


Region – Bethma

Region – Altera

Region – Feita

Region – Velder

Region – Hamel

Region – Sander

Region – Lanox


Elysion (Atlas Territory)



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