Due to popular demand, Elsword Online now has a video recording feature. Now you can finally record that epic boss fight, arena battles, and even your own instruction videos to help new players out with combos!
This guide will tell you how to use the video recording feature in Elsword Online. Use this feature to create videos you can share with friends through your favorite video sharing website. You can also edit the videos to your liking to give them a customized look.
Follow the steps to start recording videos within the game.
1. Go to System by pressing the ‘Esc’ key and press the ‘Set Custom Keyboard’ button. The video recording button is permanently assigned to the following keys: Scroll Lock and Insert key.


2. Open the Options window by pressing the ‘O’ key. Click the Record button and adjust your video settings. The list has basic and optimized settings you can choose from. However, advanced users can also change the settings to suit their needs for any video editing requirement or for better quality.
Tip: The higher the resolution, FPS, and quality, the higher the file size will be. It’s best to use a higher-end PC to record at extreme settings; otherwise, you will encounter performance issues.

3. Now that you have everything configured, it’s time to start recording. Press the assigned hotkey and the recording icon will appear.

4. Once you are finished recording the video, simply go to the default installation directory.
5. Open the Data folder, then the ScreenCapture folder, and there you will find your recorded video.
Disclaimer: Some video settings require codecs to be playable. Make sure to install the proper codec pack for the video player of your choice as well.