Exploring Elrios can get a little lonely sometimes. Other times, trying to pick everything up can just get tedious. What if you had a little backup? Your friends are great and all, but they want their own loot too. What about a reliable, loyal, spunky (sometimes furry) sidekick?

This guide is all about Pets! How to get one, why they make great companions, and why you don’t exactly have to wait on them!


Why Get a Pet?

For starters? They’re cute. This one’s a no-brainer. They also come with a few nifty features that the most intrepid adventurers shouldn’t scoff at. They aren’t just for show, though, they’ve got their own personalities and will help their masters out with buffs, and Skills Active and Passive.

How do I Get a Pet?


If you want to become a pet owner, you’ll have to reach Level 10 first. Follow these steps and you’ll be the proud owner of a Pocket Phoru!

At Lv. 10, a new Quest will activate under Story Quests.

Finish the Quest and you’ll receive a [Cobo] Wild Pocket Phoru, and 10 El Tree Seeds.
Right-click the Pet and you’ll be able to name your Wild Pocket Phoru! You’re a pet owner now, congrats!

  • This shows your pet’s hunger status. The level increases when you feed your pet.
  • You cannot feed your pet if its hunger is filled to 80%.
  • Hunger status will decrease according to the player’s actions.
  • Hunger level decreases when the owner and other party members kill monsters in dungeons. The amount of decrease also helps determine how often the pet engages in battle.

  • Pets love eating the El energy you feed them from weapon and armor equipment (excluding costumes).
  • The pet will eat any equipment or pet food automatically when you check ‘auto feed’.
    • Only auto feed when hunger is below 80%.
    • Pets eat the low-priced equipment first before the higher-priced ones.
  • The El Tree Fruit is the best food made from concentrated El energy. It can be purchased from the Item Mall.

  • This shows the level of attachment the pet has towards its owner.
  • The maximum value is different for each evolution stage.
  • The pet can only eat certain food types once affinity reaches 70%.
  • Affinity increases in dungeons when the pet-owner and their party members kill monsters.
  • Affinity may increase or decrease, depending on hunger levels.
  • Pets have their own inventory storage that owners can access.
  • Pet inventory cannot store ‘trade impossible’ items.
  • Storage increases according to the pet stages, and maximum capacity is fixed according to pet type.
  • Every pet has a different base storage capacity.
  • Pet inventory can be opened in town and dungeons
*If pet food is stored in the pet’s inventory, the system checks whether hunger is less than satisfied (i.e. less than 80%) when the pet automatically feeds itself.

Auto Feed Enabled Feeding Priority

Low Grade Equipment
High Grade Equipment
Low Grade Pet Food
High Grade Pet Food

  • Skill type varies according to the pet’s state.
  • A pet can have 3 different types of skills.


  • Passive skill is classified into 3 types
    • Attribute Buff (Body)
    • Enhancement Buff (Spirit)
    • Stat. Buff (Stance)
  • It increases as the pet progresses from Infant to Adult.


  • A pet has only one attack type that does not level. The attack skill changes when it evolves.
  • The pet’s stats are based on its owner.
  • It will target the monsters that attack its master or that its master attacks.


  • Pets will buff (encourage) their master if they reach a critical condition.
  • The buff available depends on the pet’s evolution stage.
  • Pets have four areas they can improve on: Cheer, Patience, Mastery, and Focus.
    Each one of these stats has a specific effect on the Pet.
    • Cheer: Encouragement Skill – cooldown decrease
    • Patience: Encouragement Skill – duration increase
    • Mastery: Pet Skill Damage Increase
    • Focus: Pet Skill MP Cost Decrease
  • Feeding pets will increase their Growth Points which can be invested in any of the four areas mentioned.
  • After reaching a total of 3000 invested Growth Points, the Special Encouragement skill will be become available!

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