Take a ride! The Mount System is another fun feature of Elsword Online. Similar to a pet, a mount is an optional companion you may bring on your El adventures. The main difference is that you can ride it! It also has its own set of skills and a stamina gauge.
Read through this guide to understand the pet system thoroughly, and learn to become the best pet trainer of Elrios!


  • Take Charge!
    Rule over your enemies with the unusual abilities of your mount.
  • Greater Speed.
    Riding a mount allows you to move 25% faster than usual.
  • Additional Buffs.
    When in use, a mount may increase your physical and magical defense, resistance to certain elements, and HP recovery abilities.



Summon Stone

A mount typically comes in the form of a Summon Stone when your character receives it. The mount will be ready to ride when you use (right-click) the summon stone. Keep the summon stone unused if you want to trade it later on. Summon stones may be acquired from using Fossil Readers.



To summon a mount, use the summon stone (right-click). If you press the OK button, your mount will be registered to your mounts list. Once registered, you will not be able to trade the mount.

Riding and Dismounting
To start riding, press the F key, or right-click your preferred mount from your mounts list. You can also click the Ride button on your mount’s information window. To dismount or stop riding, press F again.

TIP! You cannot get on a mount while attacking or being attacked. Also, if you enter the Market while on a mount, your character will dismount automatically.

Mount Skills

When riding, you can only make use of the abilities of your current mount. You can deal normal attacks by pressing Z or X key. Press C to activate the special attack.




Sometimes, you may think your current mount is just not right for you, and you simply need to set it free. You can release a mount back into the wild, but once it is released, you will be unable to recover it. To delete or permanently let go of a mount, click the Release button and type the word Release in the pop-up text field. Pressing OK will remove the mount from your list.

TIP! You cannot release or delete a mount while you are riding it.  


A tab for Mounts is found on the interface for summoned creatures, beside Pets (press P). The corresponding section will show the list of mounts your character currently owns. They are listed according to availability and most recent use.

Right click on a specific mount’s icon to ride it, or left click to see more information about it.

Each mount has stamina of its own, and when it is completely exhausted, your character will dismount from it automatically. To recover your current mount’s stamina, your character must sit down (press V). A mount’s stamina recovers as well when it is not in use. The speed of both stamina depletion and recovery varies among different mounts.



The Fossil Reader will randomly yield one of the following items when used with an Unidentified Ancient Fossil.


Summon Stone
(One of Current Featured Mounts)
Cube of 80
Complete Recovery Potions
15 Magic Stones Cube of 5 Resurrection Stones
10 Blessed Weapon Enhancement Stones High-Grade Magic Stone Random Cube
10 Advanced Magic Stones Dual Magic Stone Random Cube
20 Blessed Armor Enhancement Stones Epic NPC Card Random Cube
10 El Shards (Mystery) Monster Card Random Cube
10 El Shards (Fire) QPL  Jelly Random Cube
10 El Shards (Water) Fantastic QPL Jelly Random Cube
10 El Shards (Wind) Strange QPL Jelly Random Cube
10 El Shards (Nature) 10 El Tree Seeds
10 El Shards (Dark) Life Crystal (Ancient Phoru Pet)
10 El Shards (Light) Life Crystal (Tree Knight Pet)
Magic Amulet Lv.5 Life Crystal (Mystic Pet)
Magic Amulet Lv.6 Life Crystal (Hatchling Pet)
Magic Amulet Lv.7 Life Crystal (Uniel, The Light Bringer Pet)
Magic Amulet Lv.8 Life Crystal (Silver Fox Miho Pet)
Magic Amulet Lv.9 Pet Nickname Change Card
3 Stamina Potions Pet Toy
20 Complete Recovery Potions Fetch Aura


In addition, you can acquire an Ancient Fossil Piece as a bonus when using a Fossil Reader. You can use it for crafting various items. Check with the village alchemist!



You can craft various fossil related items with your favorite village alchemist.

Craft Creations Details Crafting Materials

Unidentified Ancient
Use a fossil reader with this item to uncover its contents. 5 Magic Ice Powders
Alchemy Essence

Ancient Fossil Collector
  • Dark Resistance +75
  • Evasion +2%
  • Additional Damage +4%
  • HP +4%
100 Ancient Fossil Pieces
100 Alchemy Essences

Ancient Fossil Analyst
  • Nature Resistance +75
  • Critical +2%
  • Movement Speed +2%
  • Awakening Charge Speed +2%
100 Ancient Fossil Pieces
100 Alchemy Essences

Ancient Fossil Pill
  • HP 100% recovery
  • MP 100% recovery
Ancient Fossil Piece


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