Playing action games using keyboards sometimes becomes confusing and tedious – good thing you can play this beat ‘em up game using a gamepad! As if that’s not cool enough, any gamepad can be mapped as long as your Windows operating system detects it. Save your keyboard from anymore unwarranted key mashing. Pick up a gamepad today and give this added support a try!


You can follow these steps to map the button on your gamepad!

  1. Connect your gamepad and make sure your Windows operating system is able to detect it.



  3. Login to the game to calibrate your gamepad for the first time! You’ll then be prompted immediately once any character enters the game!
  4. Follow the notice to Start binding!


  6. Press the corresponding buttons as instructed.


  8. Congratulations! You have successfully calibrated your controller!


  10. Start playing Elsword using your newly calibrated gamepad now!

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