You will surely enjoy a good old beat ’em up game even more with a gamepad! You can now use a gamepad to play Elsword Online. As if that’s not cool enough, any gamepad can be mapped as long as your Windows operating system detects it. Save your keyboard from anymore unwarranted key mashing. Pick up a gamepad today and give this added support a try!

Follow these steps to map the buttons on your gamepad.

* Xbox and the Xbox logos are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies and are used under license from Microsoft.
1. Connect your gamepad and make sure your Windows operating system detects it.

2. Calibrate your gamepad to make sure everything works accordingly.
3. Test and make sure all buttons and joysticks are working.

4. Start Elsword Online and log into your account.5. Open the system window by pressing ESC button and click on Set Custom Keyboard.


6. Click on the Custom Hotkey button found under the arrow keys. 

7. When the Custom Hotkey window appears, you can start assigning the buttons that you want to use when playing using your gamepad. Click on the commands and change it by using your gamepad buttons. Once you are satisfied with your hotkey settings, click OK at the bottom of the window. 

gg-gamepad-support-03a gg-gamepad-support-03-b

8. By Pressing the OK button you will be sent back to the keyboard setting window. Press the Save button to save your gamepad and keyboard settings