Enrich your Elsword experience with equipment upgrades! In Elsword Online, there are three ways to improve the equipment your character uses to defend against opponents. These are enhancement, socketing, and crafting. Read on to learn more about them!




Socketing is a feature in Elsword that will allow you to fully customize your items. An item with enhancements will only give the item a stronger base attack or defense; however, socketing the item will imbue different effects on the equipment. For example, if you want to increase the evasion rate on your character, you can socket a magic stone with evasion rate increase.
Follow these steps to get started on socketing!

1. Open your Inventory by selecting the icon or pressing I on your keyboard.

2. Select the Special tab in your inventory to check for gems you can use to socket your item.

3. Click the Magic Stone Enchant button at the lower part of your inventory box.

4. When pressing the Magic Stone Enchant button, the cursor changes to the Socketing Enchantment cursor.

5. Click on an equipment item to open the Magic Stone Enchant window as follows:

6. The Magic Stone Enchant window offers two reinforcement options. You can use Normal Magic Stones, Advanced Magic Stones, or Dual Magic Stones.

7. Drag your magic stone to the Magic Stone Enchant slot. The Equip button will be highlighted.

8. Click the Equip button and a confirmation will pop up. Click OK to continue and your magic stone will be socketed to the equipment. A new effect will be added to your item.

  Tip: You can socket a magic stone over the previous socket if you have unused magic stones.