Enrich your Elsword experience with equipment upgrades! In Elsword Online, there are three ways to improve the equipment your character uses to defend against opponents. These are enhancement, socketing, and crafting. Read on to learn more about them!




As you journey through the game, you will notice that you need to become more powerful. This is because the monsters and bosses become more difficult to beat as you progress through the game. You must enhance your equipment to increase your chances of surviving dungeon runs and PvP battles. Enhancing armor or weapon equipment will make it more powerful.
Follow these steps to get started on enhancing!

1. Go to the Equipment Shop in the village, press Z or click on the NPC to start chatting with them, and then press Enhance or Store to open the Shop window.


2. When you press Enhance Item, the cursor changes to +UP! Enhance cursor as it opens your inventory.


3. Move the +UP! Enhance cursor over an equipment and then click to open the Item Enhance window. Press General Enhancement to start reinforcing the item.
Tip: Strengthening equipment requires Enhancement Stones.

4. Check the Use fluorite ore option in the Item Enhance window to use Advance Enhancement. A fluorite ore will prevent penalties, such as item degradation or disappearance, in the event of failure. However, it does not guarantee the chance of success nor prevent an item from becoming unusable. Fluorite ores are available at the Item Mall.

5. Your item will be enhanced by +1 or more depending on your luck. As the enhancement level increases, so does the risk of the item becoming unusable, or its enhancement level reduced, reset, or remain unaffected.