Eve 4th Path Fan Art Contest

10/01/2021 – 11/01/2021 (23:59 PDT)
Showoff your perfect art skills to the community and make the Queen of Nasods proud!

The Queen will reward you generously if your art is chosen!

5,000 K-CHING


Winners will be added as dungeon loading screen images
on the November update!

PLUS, 500 K-Ching Participation Reward for Eligible Entries!


  • Your Fan-Art MUST have the following Dimensions (Format) 1024px x 768px
  • Your Artwork must feature Eve’s 4th Path! Other Elsword characters/NPCs can be used in your art, but the main focus should be on Eve’s 4th path.
  • Your submission must be your original work. Gathering inspiration from other works is allowed but please make sure your creation is your own. Minor edits to original works, replicating exact line work, and tracing will result in disqualification.
  • You may not use Elsword’s official assets (Such as Skill cut-ins, portraits, etc) in your work.
  • We will be checking for art stealing and if you are found doing so, you will not only be disqualified from this contest, but you will be banned from future contests.
  • All entries must abide to the Elsword Terms of Use/Terms of Service.
  • Entering on multiple accounts is not permitted. If you are found doing so, all your entries will be disqualified.
  • Entries are only open to NA (North American) and INT (International) Server Players only.
  • You are NOT allowed to use works that you have completed prior to the commencement of this contest, regardless of their purpose.
  • Any entry that does not follow the rules will be disqualified.
  • Please include both your IGN and Server with your submission.
  • Entries that are considered low effort will be removed.