Only 1 Enhancement Aid
Item needed to enhance!

(Blessed Fluorite Ore/Blessed
Fluorite Ore (Armor Only),
Blessed Restoration Scroll,
Blessed Enhancement Stone)

Every Day Enhancement!
Get these awesome enhancement rewards just by
clearing dungeons within your level range once!
Level 10 and up; per account
Enhancement Gifts!
These are freebies you wouldn’t want to miss!
All you have to do is login!
Level 10 and up; per account

[Cobo] Blessed
Fluorite Ore x1

Lucky El’s
Hammer x1

Login 30 min

Lucky El’s
Hammer x5

Login 60 min

[Cobo] Blessed
Scroll x10

10 minutes of accumulative login
Level 10 and up; per account

Lucky Enhancement Equipment Cube x1

Lucky Enhancement Equipment Cube is bank sharable,
but the Lucky Enhancement Equipment is not.

+7 Lucky Enhancement Equipment (5)

*(Old) Enhancement items cannot be used on the Lucky Enhancement Equipment.

*You can extract 1 Lucky Magic Amulet per Lucky Enhancement Equipment.

*To extract, your Lucky Enhancement Equipment must be Lv. 8 or higher.

*You must have 1 [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore and
1 [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scroll to be able to extract.

*Regular Blessed Fluorite Ore and Blessed Restoration Scroll may also be used, however,
the [Cobo] version will be consumed first if both items are present in the inventory.

*Lucky Enhancement Equipment will be deleted automatically on 2020-02-11 (23:59 PST)