Travel to a place that's neither here or there. A place that exists in a different dimension. Is this where
the Pillar of Light points to according to the prophecy? Will the El Lady finally reveal herself to the El Search Party?
Get ready to journey through time and space.
• Players only need to travel towards the end of the City Outskirts in Atlas to reach a portal that teleports them to Elysion.
• Elysion is divided into two sections – the internal (the section of the town that provides the core functions) and the external (the path to the fields)

• In Elysion, players can only move between the two sections via teleportation located in the middle.

Meet the NPCs and other fixed functions while you discover your way around the town.


Upon reaching the town of Elysion, the El Search Party discovered that two dungeons have been opened. Brave the two celestial dungeons to discover what lies ahead.

• To reach Elysion's dungeons players will discover an arrow at the topmost part of Atlas' dungeon map.

• The arrow will bring up the Elysion dungeon map. Elysion has currently two dungeons.