After the showcase, the ELSTAR have officially become famous idols.
Thanks to the support of countless fans, a grand-scale signing event is being organized.
But the pesky Paparazzi Banthus is eager to sabotage the members during their signing
event – time to stop him on his tracks!

1 FREE Entrance Daily!

Need 1

[Cobo] ELSTAR Signing Event Ticket to
Req. Level: 10 -99

  • No Item
  • No Mount
  • No Pets


Fanclub Member Phoru

A genuine fan!
Use the Z and C keys to give ‘em an autograph!

Paparazzi Phoru

You can’t give Fanclub member Phorus an autograph with them around. Enter the correct commands to shoo them away!

Paparazzi Banthus

The Paparazzi Banthus will attack them during the Boss stage.
Remaining Paparazzi Phorus will buff Banthus!